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o       Will the economy of the USA collapse today?

o       Pateo Radio with Mark Passio, Jay Weidner, and Jan Irvin

o       Who do you trust more: Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin?

o       How to identify a psychopath?

o       The Nuclear Scare Scam Exposed

o       Free online presentation on Christ Consciousness on March 9th

o       Buying “Understanding God” via PayPal

o       Wholly Science Week in Romania starting on May 11th

o       Conference week in France on Breakthrough Energy starting on September 28th




Will the economy of the USA collapse today?


An article on Washington of October 25, 2012 (link) claimed that the economy of the USA was on schedule to crash on March 4, 2014 (which is today). That article suggest that this date was given by Paul Volker (1927), the former Fed Chairman. It should not come as a surprise that Alex Jones blew up this story (link). On the web forum of David Icke, whom I also consider to be a disinformant, someone claims that March 4 is a numerological reference to March 22, while 322 is also the number in the logo of Skull & boneS (link). I think that this is all too far-fetched. I therefore predict nothing no economic or financial collapse will occur today, nor on 3/22.



Pateo Radio with Mark Passio, Jay Weidner, and Jan Irvin


Today (Tuesday March 4), Mark Passio will be my guest in the live broadcasted talk show of Pateo Radio. Next week (Wednesday March 12), Jay Weidner will (re-) appear on Pateo Radio, presumably followed by Jan Irvin on Wednesday March 19. Go to and click on Pateo Radio for more information about these revealing radio interviews.



Who do you trust more: Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin?


Via the very same recipe used in Egypt and Libya, namely via a staged uprising, the global Control Freaks also seized control over Ukraine. This happened while Vladimir Putin (1952) was in Sochi for the Olympic Games. As soon as he realized what has happened, he brought Cremia back under pro Russian leadership. Now, Skull & boneS puppet John Kerry/Kohn (1943) is verbally threatening Russia. Will Barack Obama a.k.a. Barry Soetoro (1961) drag the USA into another war? By the way, did you know that Putin’s predecessor, Boris Yeltsin (1931 – 2007), nearly completely bankrupted Russia? Did you know that Putin quickly paid off Russia’s debt to the IMF? Did you know that there are only a few countries that are not under the financial control of the global Control Freaks? Next to Russia, these countries are Iran, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and Cuba. In the year 2000, four more countries were on this list: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, and Libya (link). Thanks to the staged “War on Terror” (meaning: “USA military terrorizing independent countries”), these four countries are now under the financial control of the global Control Freaks. These Askhe-Nazis can hardly wait to seize control over the four remaining independent countries. In fact, the global Control Freaks, being all Askhe-Nazis, originate from the Khazars. All these psychopaths are most likely incarnations of the Archons (link).



How to identify a psychopath?


The Pateo Psychopath Checklist includes 13 behavioral features:


  1. A psychopath is a smooth talker with no real depth.

  2. A psychopath is a pathological liar (with lies ranging from small to very large).

  3. A psychopath lives in his own fantasy world.

  4. A psychopath has a very high opinion of himself.

  5. A psychopath looks down on all that is considered to be “lower”.

  6. A psychopath is continually looking for incentives.

  7. A psychopath reacts impulsively.

  8. A psychopath likes to benefit from others.

  9. A psychopath is very adept at manipulation.

10. A psychopath has no morals nor guilt.

11. A psychopath has no empathy nor compassion.

12. A psychopath never feels responsible.

13. A psychopath never acknowledges his own mistakes.


Though most psychopath are indeed male, female psychopaths are often even more Machiavellian.



The Nuclear Scare Scam Exposed


Galen Winsor (1926 – 2008) was a nuclear physicist of renown. In his many lectures, he exposed what he called the “Nuclear Scare Scam” (video). To make his point, he even eats radioactive uranium (video). Do you still believe in the official nuclear scare story? For instance, how many people died during the Chernobyl disaster of 1986? The mainstream media in those days suggested that several tens of thousands of people were killed due to the deadly nuclear radiation. However, in reality, 56 people died, mostly by fire. Maybe, nuclear radiation is not at all that bad. On the contrary, a small amount actual increases longevity and strengthens the immune system (video).



Free online presentation on Christ Consciousness on March 9th


Christ Consciousness refers to the state of mind of any man who serves God. It is most certainly not the result from believing in Christianity or in any other religion. Christ Consciousness requires Wholly knowledge and understanding, instead of belief. It is Wholly Science that offers the insights and wisdom on which Christ Consciousness is founded. Next Sunday (March 9), I will give another online presentation via the conference room of the School of the Holy Science. In this free presentation, I will reveal the true (deceitful) essence of all six world religions (i.e. Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and New Age). Go for more information to the Agenda on (link).



Buying “Understanding God” via PayPal


The second edition of the textbook “Understanding God – The Wholly Science Handbook” was released on November 5th, 2013. This richly illustrated book of 228 pages explains Wholly Science in its full-width. When you transfer 17 euros plus 10 euros shipping cost to my PayPal account via “Johan @” (without spaces), and you also send me your address via e-mail, then I will send you a copy of this unique book (as long as it is available; otherwise I will refund you).



Wholly Science Week in Romania starting on May 11th


This first international Wholly Science Week starts on Sunday, May 11, 2014, at 16:00 pm (local time), and it ends on Saturday, May 17, 2014, at 11:00 am. This unique opportunity to learn more about the true nature of our reality (and beyond) will take place in the city of Uzlina in Romania near the Black Sea. The all-in price for participating is (but) 350 euros. Go for more information and signing up to the Agenda on (link).



Conference week in France on Breakthrough Energy starting on September 28th


On Sunday September 28, 2014, leading scientists and engineers working on the breakthrough energy science and/or technology will come together in a remote large mansion in the French region of the Haute Marne. For a whole week, these experts will share their findings and insights with each other and participants. The name of this week is: Breakthrough Energy Science & Technology (BEST). For experts who give a presentation, the full board during this BEST week (of 300 euros) is free of charge. Furthermore, a full or partial travel allowance is probably also possible. Go for more information and signing up to the Agenda on (link).



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