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o       Ukraine plane crash was done via remote control

o       Fourth Chapter of the Wholly Science textbook is now available

o       Will you join the Wholly Science Starters Week?

o       This autumn in France: Conference Week on Breakthrough Energy



Ukraine plane crash was done via remote control


Yesterday (Thursday July 17, 2014), shortly after noon, local time (12:15 p.m.), Malaysia Airlines passengers flight MH17 left Amsterdam and headed for Kuala Lumpur. Four hours later, the remains of this Boeing 777 and its 283 passengers (including 80 small children and 3 infants) plus 15 crew members lied dead on the ground near the city of Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine, about 40 kilometers (or 25 miles) from the border with Russia.


While the controlled Western media immediately claimed that the pro-Russian separatists took this plane down by accident, the mostly in tact remains of both the plane parts and the human bodies tell a different story. Just like the passenger flight MH370 was taken over via remote control on March 8 earlier this year, this happened again yesterday with flight MH17. This time the plane did not disappear, but was deliberately crashed in Eastern Ukraine. That is also why the remote-controlled plane took a different course, and unlike the previous 10 flights with the same number, it flew right over the actual war zone (video), probably also at a much lower altitude (maybe hoping for a rocket launch).


The reason for this plane crash was to create a plausible excuse for the Nato to invade Eastern Ukraine. The Ukraine controlled media tries to give the impression that the army is in full control over Eastern Ukraine. In reality, it are the pro-Russian separatists who control that area. In fact, more and more Ukrainians are joining the separatists’ movement.


Some falsely claim that Russian president Vladimir Putin was in a plane that flew the very same course as the plane that was crashed, just 20 minutes earlier. However, that was not the case. The hypothesis behind this claim was this plane crash was also meant as a warning for Putin, shortly after the BRICS countries announced the creation of their own global bank in order to get around the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Now we know this to be untrue, the only reason for this mass murder was the attempt to start an international war in Eastern Ukraine.



Fourth Chapter of the Wholly Science textbook is now available


The first four chapters of the ultimate full-color Wholly Science textbook are now available as consecutive e-books. When you buy the first chapter for only 6.83 Dollars or 5 Euros, then you get the second chapter for free. The prices for the third and fourth chapters are the same. The fifth chapter will again be free of charge. There is also a free sample edition of the beginning of the third chapter available, so you can get an impression of the content of this textbook. This free sample edition includes the scientific explanation of the first chapter of the Biblical Book of Genesis (in just 11 pages). Is there a better opportunity for you to validate the truth of Wholly Science? See the homepage of (link) for the details.



Will you join the Wholly Science Starters Week?


The focus of the Wholly Science Starters Week is to gain more self-knowledge. Therefore, the Wholly Science Starters Week includes six complementary self-knowledge methods: Numerology (revealing the Life Path Number), Planetary Astrology (also called Western Astrology: revealing the birth chart including the Zodiac sign, the Ascendant, and the North Node, the authentic Tzol’kin Astrology (also called the Mayan Astrology: revealing the genuine Maya Sign and the genuine Maya Tone), Cosmic Year Astrology (also called Chinese Astrology: revealing the Chinese Zodiac Sign), Nine Star Ki Astrology (also called the Japanese Astrology: revealing the Key cipher, the Communication cipher, and the Character cipher), and the Enneagram (and Base-5 Gematria: revealing the personality type). Next to self-knowledge, Wholly Science Starters Week also brings you lots of nature, fresh air, healthy food, a stay in a beautiful ambiance, and new connections with like-minded people.



This autumn in France: Conference Week on Breakthrough Energy


On Sunday September 28, 2014, leading scientists and engineers working on breakthrough energy science and/or technology will come together in a remote large mansion in the French region of the Haute Marne. For a whole week, these experts will share their findings and insights with each other and participants. The name of this week is: Breakthrough Energy Science & Technology (BEST). For experts who give a presentation, the full board during this BEST week (of 300 euros) is free of charge. Furthermore, a full or partial travel allowance is probably also possible. Go for more information and signing up to the Agenda on (link).


Are you an energy expert, and are you able to come to the Northeast of France this autumn, then please contact me.



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