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On Nikola Tesla’s Dream


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o       Nikola Tesla was the Greatest Inventor since time immemorial

o       Will you join a virtual Electromagnetism Study Group?

o       All chapters of the Wholly Science textbook are now available

o       Will you join the Wholly Science Starters Week?



Nikola Tesla was the Greatest Inventor since time immemorial


If you do not know who Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943) was, and what he achieved, then please read this article (link). Also this article shares, at the end, important information about the work of this genius (link). Among his many inventions are: alternating current, the radio, remote control, hydro-electricity, X-rays, transistors, resonant frequency, fluorescent and neon lighting, the induction motor, the rotating magnetic field, encryption technology and scrambler, and wireless communication and power transmission.


If, a century ago, humanity would have been ready for living in abundance, Tesla could have realized his dream. Instead of liberating mankind from (energy) scarcity, Tesla’s groundbreaking work was perverted and is now used to control life on our beautiful planet.


“One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane” is a famous quote from Nikola Tesla. Also my work proves that for instance the Zionist Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) was a deep and quite insane thinker. The science fiction of Einstein clearly illustrates the fallacies of the generally-accepted university theories of at least the past century. As these universities have been corrupted by the agenda of their financiers, they will not likely admit their erroneous dogmas. It is therefore up to us, the truly free thinkers, to continue the liberating work of Tesla.



Will you join a virtual Electromagnetism Study Group?


In order to continue Tesla’s work, we first need to free ourselves from all science fiction ideas that have polluted our minds. In fact, we need to start from the very beginning: what is electricity, and what is magnetism? I myself think that the idea of the electromagnetic wave in which an electric wave and a magnetic wave travel in the same direction and frequency perpendicular to each other is wrong. Also quantum mechanics contains many erroneous ideas, as also my work reveals. I am now starting to pick up the breadcrumb trail that Tesla left behind, but I lack the electric engineering background of Tesla. I therefore call for coworkers who want to help realizing Tesla’s dream (which is also our dream, I assume). Experts in the works of other wayshowers such as Viktor Schauberger (1885 – 1958) and Walter Russell (1871 – 1963) are also very welcome to join this Electromagnetism Study Group. We will mostly use e-mail and skype to work together. Will you join this group? If so, simply send me an e-mail message.



All chapters of the Wholly Science textbook are now available


All thirteen chapters of the ultimate full-color Wholly Science textbook are now available as consecutive e-books. The title of this textbook is “Wholly Science; On understanding it all” and it has in total 422 pages, filled with many full-color figures and photo’s. It is available per chapter as consecutive e-books, allowing instant delivery. The price of each e-book is $ 6,83 or € 5.00, payable via PayPal or money transfer. The price of the complete book is $ 41 or € 30. There is also a free sample edition of the beginning of the third chapter available, so you can get an impression of the content of this textbook. This free sample edition includes the scientific explanation of the first chapter of the Biblical Book of Genesis (in just 11 pages). Is there a better opportunity for you to validate the truth of Wholly Science? See the homepage of (link) for the details.



Will you join the Wholly Science Starters Week?


The focus of the Wholly Science Starters Week is to gain more self-knowledge. Therefore, the Wholly Science Starters Week includes six complementary self-knowledge methods: Numerology (revealing the Life Path Number), Planetary Astrology (also called Western Astrology: revealing the birth chart including the Zodiac sign, the Ascendant, and the North Node, the authentic Tzol’kin Astrology (also called the Mayan Astrology: revealing the genuine Maya Sign and the genuine Maya Tone), Cosmic Year Astrology (also called Chinese Astrology: revealing the Chinese Zodiac Sign), Nine Star Ki Astrology (also called the Japanese Astrology: revealing the Key cipher, the Communication cipher, and the Character cipher), and the Enneagram (and Base-5 Gematria: revealing the personality type). Next to self-knowledge, Wholly Science Starters Week also brings you lots of nature, fresh air, healthy food, a stay in a beautiful ambiance, and new connections with like-minded people. The next Wholly Science Starters Week starts on September 21. See the Agenda on (link) for the details.



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