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On the Meaning of Santa


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o       Why is Santa white?

o       What do we get when we pronounce “ebola” backwards?

o       Wanted: a publisher for the Wholly Science textbook



Why is Santa white?


The story of Santa Claus emerged from the story of Saint Nicholas. In the Netherlands, the original story of Saint Nicholas is still celebrated. In that celebration, the white Saint Nicholas is accompanied by Back Jack’s (or Black Pete’s, as a literal translation from Dutch). As hardly anyone knows the true meaning of this celebration, more and more people in the Netherlands want to change the color of the Black Jack’s, as they falsely assume that the black-white distinction in this authentic celebration is based on racism. However, PateoPedia Paper No. 7 proves that the stories of Santa and Saint Nicholas have nothing to do with racism. The true meaning of these stories is all about the depiction of the sun Helios (emitting white light, personified as Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus) and the surrounding planets that do not emit white light of their own (personified as Black Jack’s or as Santa’s reindeer). Click here to read the two pages of this PateoPedia Paper No. 7.



What do we get when we pronounce “ebola” backwards?


Some songs, when played backwards, produce remarkable texts. For instance, when played backwards, the Beatles song “Revolution 9”, created by John Lennon (1940-1980), is clearly an homage to Satan (click here for the original, and here for hearing it played backwards). There are many other examples of this hidden messaging as well. Is this backwards messaging also applied in the name “ebola”? Pronounced backwards, it becomes more or less “All Obey!”. Is that the real agenda behind this? Is that why the mainstream news media massively supports the fear porn mind control program that aims for a compulsory ebola vaccination of all humans?


Anyone who really dives into what is misleadingly labeled as “virus infections” sooner or later discovers that these infections allegedly caused by viruses do not really exist. Viruses and other micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi are never the natural cause of anything, as they are always part of the result of something. Furthermore, all contagious “diseases” are just labels for wide ranges of various symptoms. For instance, AIDS (Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome) is not a real syndrome, and is most certainly not caused by HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), which is not at all a real virus. Neither ebola is a real virus, nor are there viruses involved in bird flu, Swine Flu, West Nile, and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), which is not a real syndrome either. All pandemic virus infection stories are hoaxes. Only backward people might believe this ungrounded nonsense. In reality, it are the vaccines that cause these infections when the self-healing ability is impaired.



Wanted: a publisher for the Wholly Science textbook


As announced in the previous Pateo Newsletter, all thirteen chapters of the ultimate full-color Wholly Science textbook are available as consecutive e-books for $ 6,83 each (or € 5.00), payable via PayPal or money transfer. The title of this textbook is “Wholly Science; On understanding it all”, and it has in total 422 pages, filled with many full-color figures and photo’s. The price of the complete book is $ 41 or € 30. See the homepage of (link) for the details. However, some prefer a hard copy over a digital copy. I am therefore looking for a publisher that wants to publish this book in color. Can you get me into contact with such a publisher, then please do so. I thank you in advance for that!



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