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(of February 9, 2015)

On the number 13


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o       How many references to 13 are on the USA 1-dollar-bill?

o       Are you ready for some serious Myth Busting?

o       Beware of False Prophets

o       Will you join a Wholly Science Week in France?



How many references to 13 are on the USA 1-dollar-bill?


This is the 13th Newsletter of In the USA, it is very hard to find a hotel room with the number 13. Instead, the numbers 12a and 12b are used in between 11 and 14. As you probably know, this superstition related to the number 13 is part of a collective brainwashing program. That is why the Khazars in the year 740 became the alleged 13th Tribe of Israel, nowadays known as the Ashke-Nazi Jews. That is why the USA had 13 founding states.


Have you watched the fourth episode of Pateo TV? In case you have missed it, you can watch it via YouTube (link). In that fourth live broadcast of Pateo TV, I showed that there are exactly 13 references to the number 13 in the symbolism on the back side of the USA 1-dollar-bill? Have you ever seen somebody else explain these 13 references to 13?


In that fourth episode of Pateo TV, I also explain the hidden meaning of six very popular feature films: Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Matrix, Avatar, and The Maze Runner. Have you ever seen anybody explain these six movies in relation to the real nature of our reality?


I strongly advise you to watch the two-hour episodes of Pateo TV in chronological order, as each following broadcast builds on the precious ones.



Are you ready for some serious Myth Busting?


Last week, the fifth episode of Pateo TV was about Myth Busting. How many mainstream myths can be busted in a two-hours live broadcast? I am not sure if this show set a new record, but I am very certain that you will not be bored for even a minute while watching this episode of Pateo TV (link).



Beware of False Prophets


Wikipedia claims to be the free encyclopedia that is online available. However, in reality Wikipedia is a deceiving online encyclopedia. In the fifth episode of Pateo TV, I also proof that (link).


In order to offer a truthful online encyclopedia, I started in 2013 the PateoPedia (link). One of the subjects that you find on PateoPedia is Disinformers. On that PateoPedia webpage, several well-known disinformers are exposed. One of them names himself Alex Jones. Hopefully everyone knows by now that he is actually a Zionist shill (link). He is not only married to an Ashke-Nazi Jew, his radio show is also sponsored by at least 34 Ashke-Nazi Jews.


The latest stunt of this blatant disinformer is claiming that he is the very same being as the famous stand-up comedian Bill Hicks, who died on February 26, 1994. Apparently, the rumor that Jones and Hicks are one and the same man became so annoying to him, that he suddenly confessed that it actually was true. In order to completely mock anyone who suspects that he is indeed a fake whistleblower, he even confessed that his real identity is that of the British 78-years old David Mentalson III (link). However, I do think that this is partially true. Alex Jones is in reality indeed Mental, and also the son (meaning “the creation”) of someone who is mentally ill. Of course these confessions are meant as sarcasm. In fact, everything that this disinformer tells is in reality nothing but sarcasm.



Will you join a Wholly Science Week in France?


Coming April, you can join the Wholly Science Starters Week and/or the Wholly Science Advanced Week, which will take place in a beautiful mansion in the northeast of France. If you are interested, then go to the Agenda on (link) to find more information on both weeks. Please send me an e-mail message if you consider joining one of these weeks (or even both).



Thanks for reading this newsletter (and possibly also forwarding it, and/or republishing it).


With Love and Wisdom,

Johan Oldenkamp : Wholly Science ( - the Reunification of pure Science and true Spirituality - )



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