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On Series 1 of Pateo TV


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o       Series 1 of Pateo TV is now completed and freely online available

o       On April 16, Pateo TV continues with live broadcasting in English

o       Wanted : Translators into Spanish, French, and German

o       Upcoming talk shows of Pateo Radio

o       Cancellation of the Wholly Science Weeks in France



Series 1 of Pateo TV is now completed and freely online available


Last week, the seventh and last episode of the first series of Pateo TV was broadcast by the 24/7 internet television station of CCN. Earlier this week, the recording of this live broadcast was uploaded to YouTube. Now, all seven episodes of the first series of Pateo TV are freely online available (link).


Episode #1 : The Clock of Giza (Broadcast on January 8, 2015)

In this first live broadcast of Pateo TV, I explained once more the Clock of Giza. In 2011, I discovered this “clock” that lies as a hidden circle on the Giza plateau near the Egyptian capital Cairo. About a year later, I corrected my understanding of the transition from the Iron Age to the Golden Age on this Clock of Giza. The Clock of Giza shows the time in third temporal dimension. Plato referred to this third dimension of time as the Great Year. It is also known as the axial precession, or the precession of the equinoxes. In this first episode of Pateo TV, I explained that this third dimension of time is caused by the energetic dance of our sun Helios with the stars of the Sirius solar system.


Episode #2 : Introduction to Astrotheology (Broadcast on January 15, 2015)

Astrotheology shows that the logic of the Creator is written in the stars. The word ‘astro’ originated from Greek and refers to the stars. Next, the word ‘theos’, also originating from Greek, refers to the overall Creator, also named as God. Thirdly, the word ‘logos’, again originating from Greek, refers to the logic. In short, “the stars show the logic of God” is the literal meaning of Astrotheology. In our day and age, scholars like Jordan Maxwell, Bill Donahue, Santos Bonacci, and Michael Tsarion have done great jobs in sharing their understanding of Astrotheology. In this second broadcast of Pateo TV, I explained the essence of Astrotheology from the Wholly Science point of view. In that, I fully revealed the whole truth about Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting titled “The Last Supper


Episode #3 : The Creation (Broadcast on January 22, 2015)

In this third live broadcast of Pateo TV, I scientifically explained the meaning of “The Creation” as described in the first chapter of both the Bible and the Torah. Most people falsely assume that the original version of this first chapter was written in Hebrew, about 2500 years ago. However, the truth is that this remarkably whole story was originally written in cuneiform, probably about 5000 years ago. In understand the correct structure of the Book of Genesis, we need to understand the meaning of the key word “Toledoth”, as explained in the book “Ancient Records and the Structure of Genesis” by P.J. Wiseman. After first explaining the revealing work of this researcher, which was continued by his son and Professor of Assyriology at the University of London, Dr. D.J. Wiseman, I presented the scientific meaning of this ancient story. Anyone who fully understands this meaning will know that “The Creation” is all about pure Science!


Episode #4 : Covert Symbolism (Broadcast on January 29, 2015)

In this fourth live broadcast of Pateo TV, I started by revealing the hidden meaning of the remarkable symbolism on the USA $1 bill. Many researchers have already given their opinions on this, but I simply sticked to the facts, upon which he bases scientific conclusions regarding the real meaning of this covert symbolism. Next, I analyzed six very popular feature films, of which some are based on very popular novels as well. Although the stories are fiction, the meaning of the covert symbolism applied in these movies is as real as it can be. In this episode of Pateo TV, the following movies or film series are scientifically analyzed: Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Matrix, Avatar, and The Maze Runner.


Episode #5 : Myth Busting (Broadcast on February 5, 2015)

In this fifth live broadcast of Pateo TV, I busted the most persistent myths of our time. First of all, I scientifically proved that none of the Apollo missions really went to the moon that orbits our home planet. On top of that, the director of the Apollo 11 “moon” mission later confessed this scam. I also explained this confession in full detail. Among the other myths that are busted in this fifth episode of Pateo TV is of course the myth that real airliners flew into the Twin Towers in New York City on September 11, 2001.


Episode #6 : Mayan Calendars (Broadcast on February 12, 2015)

In this sixth live broadcast of Pateo TV, I explained the essence of the most important Mayan calendars. I started by explaining the key principles of the authentic Tzol’kin calendar of the Maya, not to be confused with the self-invented Dreamspell calendar. Next, I explained that the so-called Long Count Calendar of the Maya is actually one of nine nested calendar systems which I collectively refer to as the Tzol’tun. While the Tzol’kin calendar counts every natural day as a unit (Tzol means ‘counting’ and kin means ‘whole day’), the Tzol’tun calendar counts full circles of each 360 days (such a full circle was named a Tun by the ancient Maya). In this broadcast, I showed that the Tzol’tun represents the nine natural layers of (1) consciousness, of (2) neuro-physiology, and of (3) the historic evolvement of consciousness on our home planet.


Episode #7 : The Ten Commandments (Broadcast on February 19, 2015)

In this seventh live broadcast of Pateo TV, I explained the essence of the Ten Commandments. The current wordings of these Commandments are not very helpful in understanding the true meaning of these ten directives. However, thanks to Wholly Science, I was able to reveal the original wordings of these Ten Commandments. In this episode of Pateo TV, I not only gave these correct wordings, I also fully explained each of these Ten Commandments. By doing so, I scientifically proved that these Ten Commandments have nothing to do with a belief system, as these are in reality Universal Precepts or a Universal Recipe for Living in Harmony.


Each episode lasts two hours, except the first episode, which lasts 1 hour and 11 minutes. If you want to get a good impression of the magnificence of Wholly Science, then you really should watch these seven episodes of this first series of Pateo TV.



On April 16, Pateo TV continues with live broadcasting in English


Yesterday, episode #1 of Pateo TV was re-broadcast, but this time in Dutch. The coming weeks, also the episodes #2 up to #7 will be live broadcast in Dutch. On Thursday April 16, 2015, starting at 7 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time, Pateo TV continues with broadcasting in English. Then the second series of Pateo TV will start. Perhaps it might be a good idea to already note this upcoming live broadcast in your agenda. In the meanwhile, there are many other very interesting shows that you can watch on the 24/7 internet television station of CCN (website).



Wanted : Translators into Spanish, French, and German


I am thinking of doing also broadcasts of Pateo TV in Spanish, French, and German. For that, I need a co-host that fluently speaks that particular language. The road to become a co-host of the Pateo TV show starts with translating articles, in order to get a good understanding of Wholly Science. Are you interested, or do you know someone who is, then please contact me (link).



Upcoming talk shows of Pateo Radio


Below, the guests of the upcoming talk shows of Pateo Radio are listed. Pateo Radio is a weekly one-hour talk show broadcast by Finding Voices Radio (website).


March 4 : Ruth Ramos de Smith

March 11 : Lainie

March 18 : Ole Dammegård

April 1 : Alfred Lambremont Webre

April 8 : Jeremy Ayres


Visit the webpage of Pateo Radio (link) in order to read the announcements including weblinks of each of these live broadcasts.



Cancellation of the Wholly Science Weeks in France


Due to insufficient participants, both the Wholly Science Starters Week and the Wholly Science Advanced Week, both scheduled for the upcoming month of April in France, have been cancelled. If you are interested in joining such a week in the month of September this year, then please send me an e-mail message.



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