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On True Human History


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o       The true human history discovered

o       Wanted: Foreign-language co-presenters for Pateo TV

o       Third digital edition of the Wholly Science textbook released today

o       Upcoming talk shows of Pateo Radio



The true human history discovered


In my work, I had already falsified both the evolution theory of scientism and the Biblical creationist theory. Neither of these lame theories tell us anything about the true origin of human beings on this planet.


For long, I based my own theory on the work of Zecharia Sitchin (1920 – 2010). Now I know that he intentionally spread disinformation. The Anunnaki did not create the Homo Sapiens. They genetically modified the original human beings into the not-so-smart and much-too-obedient creatures that we are still today. Also the purpose of the ludicrous claim of the existence of an additional heavenly body in our solar system, named Nibiru, was to misinform genuine seekers of the truth.


I am not sure if also Immanuel Velikovsky (1895 – 1979) deliberately misinformed his readers. Nevertheless, his work did help me to find the truth, though almost all his claims are completely wrong. However, in the works of both Sitchin and Velikovsky, there is still a little truth as well. And the same is true for the Bible.


Last week, I fully discovered the true human history. Now, I can give the exact year of the Biblical flood story with the character named Noah as the hero. I can now also remarkably accurately indicate when Atlantis disappeared.


It is about time that humanity learns about her true history, from the very beginning. For much too long have we been befooled by the universities, by the religions, and by self-proclaimed scammers. Those days are over now. I can proof with full certainty that my discovery is the one and only truth.


Do you want to help me in sharing this truth in one way or the other, then please contact me.



Wanted: Foreign-language co-presenters for Pateo TV


On Thursday April 16, I will present the true human history in a live broadcast of Pateo TV. In the weeks after that, I would like to live broadcast the same episode of Pateo TV, but then in for instance Spanish, French, and German. Can you speak fluently in one of these languages, and do you have a basic understanding of Wholly Science, then please contact me if you want to be a live co-presenter of Pateo TV.



Third digital edition of the Wholly Science textbook released today


Today, the third digital edition of the Wholly Science textbook was released. This scientific textbook filled with full-color graphics now has 505 pages. The main line of the true human history is incorporated in this third digital edition. The price has remained the same. Look at the homepage of for more information.



Upcoming talk shows of Pateo Radio


Below, the guests of the upcoming talk shows of Pateo Radio are listed. Pateo Radio is a weekly one-hour talk show broadcast by Finding Voices Radio (website).


Today (March 11) : Lainie

March 18 : Ole Dammegård

April 1 : Alfred Lambremont Webre

April 8 : Jeremy Ayres


Visit the webpage of Pateo Radio (link) in order to read the announcements including weblinks of each of these live broadcasts.



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With Love and Wisdom,

Johan Oldenkamp : Wholly Science ( - the Reunification of pure Science and true Spirituality - )



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