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On Pateo TV in Arabic


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o       Pateo TV also available in HD quality

o       Episode on True Human History also in Arabic

o       “Gravity is a myth and does not exist”

o       “The Tiamat Theory” available as an eBook

o       Wholly Science Seminar in Copenhagen, Denmark?

o       Upcoming talk shows of Pateo Radio



Pateo TV also available in HD quality


Many viewers have made remarks about the relatively low video quality of Pateo TV (link) on YouTube. This was, however, a deliberate decision by CCN in order to save uploading time.


The good news is that Pateo TV is now also available in high-definition video quality for a small fee per episode. CCN pledgers can download or view these HD videos without extra costs (explanation).



Episode on True Human History also in Arabic


Coming Thursday (May 28), the Pateo TV episode on the True Human History will be broadcast in Italian. Next week (June 4), this episode will also be broadcast in Arabic (thanks to Khaled!). The previous broadcasts in English, Dutch, Spanish, French, and German are now (or soon) available on Youtube (for free), or in HD (for a small fee). Simply go to the website of (link) and click on the corresponding language at the top of this website. In case you cannot see all the languages, then click on the image of the globe.



Gravity is a myth and does not exist


Gravity is a myth and does not exist” is the title of a new eBook by Robert Otey from the website Free Energy and Free Thinking (FE and link). Its subtitle is “Electricity is the only force in the universe”. This eBook has 77 pages, and its price is $7.77 (payment through PayPal).


In this eBook, Robert Otey proofs that the force called “Gravity” does not exist and is purely mythical in its creation. The consequences of this conclusion are immense. It means that a huge list of non-existent entities have been conjured up by academic “scientists” based on the mathematics of a non-existent force. For example: dark matter, dark energy, black holes, singularities, event horizons, wimps, mond, machos, neutron stars, gravitational collapse, gravitons, gravity waves, quantum gravity, inward pulling gravity, gravitational lensing, gravitational constant, schwarzchild radius, gravitational radiation, frame dragging, general relativity, anti-gravity, virtual gravitons, quantum field theory to name just a few, are in fact false and mythical as well.


I strongly recommend reading this book, as Robert very elegantly shows via dialogues between a professor and a student that the phenomenon of gravity is not an independent force of nature. Genuine Science shows that gravity is an effect, and most certainly not a cause in itself. In order to comprehend the real cause of the gravity effect, we need to fully understand both the phenomena of electricity and magnetism, which are actually interrelated.


Until recently, Robert Otey was also participating in the continuation of the University of Science and Philosophy, which was founded in 1949 by Walter Russell and his wife Lao. Its website is (link). Now, Robert considers this to be too much New Age nonsense.


At a fundamental level, Wholly Science clearly deviates from the legacy of Walter and Lao Russell. This has to do with my understanding of the very nature of electricity and magnetism. For more information, see also my explanation from 2013 on why gravity is a myth (link).



“The Tiamat Theory” available as an eBook


As a compensation for the relative poor sound and picture quality of the recording of the Pateo TV broadcast on the True Human History in English (on April 16), all presented slides plus extended descriptions of each slide are available as a full-color eBook. Its title is “The Tiamat Theory”, and it has 93 pages. It is available for only $ 6.83 or € 5.00. Visit the website of for more information (link).



Wholly Science Seminar in Copenhagen, Denmark?


On Saturday September 19, I am the first speaker on the Open Mind Conference 2015 in the Danish capital of Copenhagen (link). I would very much like to give a one-day seminar on Wholly Science in or around Copenhagen immediately before or after this conference (preferably on Friday September 18, or on Monday September 21). Please contact me if you can help me organize this, or in case you want to participate in this seminar.



Upcoming talk shows of Pateo Radio


Below, the guests of the upcoming talk shows of Pateo Radio are listed. Pateo Radio is a weekly one-hour talk show broadcast by Finding Voices Radio (website).


o       May 27 : Dani Arnold McKenny (from Marocco)

o       June 3: Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi (from Florida)

o       June 10: Ole Dammegård (from Spain)


Visit the webpage of Pateo Radio (link) in order to read the announcement including weblinks of each of these live broadcasts. Please bring me in contact with any remarkable scientist who has not yet appeared on Pateo Radio.



Thank you for reading this newsletter (and possibly also forwarding it, and/or republishing it).


With Love and Wisdom,

Johan Oldenkamp : Wholly Science ( - the Reunification of pure Science and true Spirituality - )



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