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On the upcoming Jubilee Year


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o       This Sunday, another Jubilee Year starts

o       The date of today is again 911

o       Ethnic Jews do not exist

o       Upcoming Talk Shows of Pateo Radio

o       Also Pateo TV continues as a Talk Show

o       Next weekend: Open Mind Conference in Copenhagen



This Sunday, another Jubilee Year starts


In the Hebrew calendar, every seventh year is a special year, called a Shemitah year. On the last day of the preceding two Shemitah years, we saw a huge collapse of the stock market. That was the case on Tuesday, September 18th, 2001, and on Monday, September 29th, 2008, what became known as Black Monday. The current Shemitah year ends coming Sunday (September 13th, 2015), when the stock markets are closed. Therefore, we might already today see a lot of negative index values, but I expect the real blow to occur coming Monday (September 14th, 2015). The alternative nonsense media only talks about the 23rd of September, but the partial solar eclipse that we might be able to see that day is of course hardly anything special.


After every seventh Shemitah year begins the so-called Yovel or Jubilee year. The current Hebrew year is such a seventh Shemitah year, which means that coming Sunday, at the Hebrew new year, another Jubilee year starts. This then happens for the 118th time since the beginning of the Hebrew calendar. I explain this in my next (34th) book, at first only available in Dutch. In English, I wrote last year a paper about this, that is available for free (link). It also shows that the Bolshevik revolution in Russia took place at the very beginning of a Jubilee year. Will history repeat itself, and will the next month another major revolution be put in motion?



The date of today is again 911


Today, it is exactly two times seven years since the Twin Towers were completely pulverized. Not only this controlled demolition of both World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001, took place during a Shemitah year, also the clearing of the site on March 21, 1966 marking the beginning of the construction of both skyscrapers, as well as the official opening of both office towers on April 4 1973, occurred during a Shemitah year. Apparently, the Hebrew calendar is very important for the global control freaks. I am referring, of course, especially in the so-called Ashkenazi Jews, the descendants of the barbaric Khazars.



Ethnic Jews do not exist


In my upcoming book entitled ‘The Secret of Genesis’ (in Dutch), I prove that Ishmael was the only son of Abraham. The idea of ethnic Jews is a complete fabrication of ancient Hebrew scribes. Therefore, the claim of the current cultural Jews on the original land of Canaan is absolutely ungrounded and utterly false. All Judaic believers are cultural Jews, who are pretending that the ancient Hebrew scriptures would be “holy”. A horrible radical group of cultural Jews are the Zionists. With even the slightest criticism towards the immoral behavior of one or more cultural Jews, they immediately start to abuse the word ‘anti-Semitic’. However, Semites are the descendants of Shem, the second and middle son of Noah. Among the genuine Semites is a very large part of the Arabs, whom the Ashkenazi Jews consider to be their enemy. It is therefore these Ashke-Nazis who are the only real anti-Semites. There constant and completely inappropriate accusations of “anti-Semitism” is nothing else than a diversionary tactic.


If you think that the above statements would be untrue, then please start a case against me. With great pleasure I will then make my proves public, in order to be forever freed from these Hebrew lies. Do not get me wrong, I have nothing against innocent believers, and therefore I have nothing against cultural Jews in general. But I do have something against liars, because that is in violation of the Ninth Commandment. Cultural Jews also know this Ninth Commandment very well. On top of that, I am not even talking about the Sixth Commandment, which has been violated more then 3000 times op 911, 14 years ago. Next, this Sixth Commandment was violated many hundreds of thousands of times in the Middle East, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq. I think we all know who are responsible for these killings. I myself certainly do.



Upcoming Talk Shows of Pateo Radio


Below, the English-speaking guests of the upcoming talk shows of Pateo Radio are listed. Pateo Radio is a weekly one-hour live talk show in multiple languages broadcast by the non-stop internet radio station of Finding Voices Radio (website).


o       September 16 : Paul Pantone

o       September 23 : Michael Cremo

o       September 30 : Chris Dunn


Visit the webpage of Pateo Radio (link) in order to read the announcement including weblinks of each of these live broadcasts. If you know a remarkable researcher who has not yet appeared on Pateo Radio (perhaps yourself?), then please contact me.



Also Pateo TV continues as a Talk Show


On September 3, 2015, the thirteenth and final episode the Pateo TV presentation series was live broadcast. Visit (link) in order to watch one or more of the thirteen episodes of the Pateo TV presentation series. Each episode was actually a two hour non-stop webinar.


Starting on September 24, Pateo TV will continue as a live talk show (link). However, this talk show is only for guests that are able to show supporting visuals, like a presentation or a video. Otherwise, it is better to be a guest of Pateo Radio. Do you want to be guest of the Pateo TV Talk Show, or do you know someone who would be perfect for it, then please contact me.



Next weekend: Open Mind Conference in Copenhagen


Next weekend (September, 19 and 20), the Open Mind Conference will (again) take place the Danish capital Křbenhavn. It is my honor to deliver the opening presentation of that conference (link). If you join this conference, and if you travel through or from the western part of Germany, or through or from the Netherlands, then please contact me.



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With Love and Wisdom,

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