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On the Bombings of Heligoland


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o       Why was Heligoland so heavily bombed?

o       The Wholly Science textbook now also available as hard copy

o       The downside of organ donation

o       Upcoming Talk Show of Pateo Radio



Why was Heligoland so heavily bombed?


Heligoland is a small island in the North Sea, about 55 kilometers from the coast of the northernmost German state of Schleswig-Holstein. Nowadays hardly anyone knows about the unimaginable amount of bombs dropped on this tiny island by the British in World War II. And even after this war, the British air force continued with the bombing of Heligoland. On top of that, on April 18, 1947, the British navy tried to sweep the entire island from the map by detonating massive explosive charges all over this small island.


Because I want to understand everything, I also studied these outrageous bombings of Heligoland. By doing so, I encountered the works of both Jürgen Spanuth (1907 - 1998) and Holger Kalweit. Both interpreted the ancient Greek writings, and both came to the conclusion that Atlantis was located in the North Sea. According to Kalweit, the mythological god Okeanos (from which our word ‘ocean’ originates) was a personification of the North Sea. That would certainly explain why Heligoland being part of Atlantis, according to these two researchers, had to be destroyed, as “the powers that should not be” do not want us to know the truth about human history. Moreover, it is rather strange that there was never an archaeological expedition to Heligoland and its surrounding seabed. Click on the news items in the German-language part of (link) for an interview in German with Holger Kalweit on this.


Although I think that some of the claims of Spanuth and Kalweit make a lot of sense, concerning both the location and the downfall of Atlantis, I stick to the literal interpretation of Plato’s writings, as explaining in episodes 8 and 11 of Pateo TV. Have you already seen on YouTube the uploaded recordings of these revealing live broadcasts?



The Wholly Science textbook now also available as hard copy


The comprehensive Wholly Science textbook of 540 full-color pages is now not only available as an e-book, but also as hard copy. The printing costs of this book is about 45 euros. The more people participate, the lower the printing costs will be. Do you want to have a hard copy of this Wholly Science textbook, then please contact me. If you already bought the e-book, you only pay for the printing and shipping of this book. Otherwise, you additionally pay the 30 euros for the content of this revealing book. Then, the total price will be 30 euros (content) plus 45 euros (printing in full color) plus 10 euros (shipping) is 85 euros. Again, the more copies, the lower the printing costs. The first edition might therefore also be the cheapest.



The downside of organ donation


Is there a downside to donating organs? Filling out a donor card seems a most natural thing to do. In fact, it seems even antisocial if we would not make this written statement. But what many people do not know is that organs of dead people can not be transplanted. Only when people are still alive, one or more of their organs can sometimes be successfully put in a body of another living body. To conceal the fact that an organ is cut out while the donor is still living, the hospital butchers invented the euphemism of “brain-dead”. However, this term is completely misleading. It would be the very same if we would start referring to sleeping people as “sleep-dead”, and then start cutting out their organs. Anyone with a filled-out donor card who ends up severely wounded in an ambulance has in fact given permission to be butchered alive.


The government does not inform you about the true meaning of a donor card as it is part of its obligation to the banks to keep the average age of the tax payers as high as possible. According to this obligation an organ should better be in the body of the one who has a higher amount of expected over-all life-time tax payment. It simply is all about money, and nothing about ethics. It is all about increasing tax payments, and not at all about saving lives. For the very same reason, the government tells us to fasten seat belts and wear helmets. However, the government does not really worry about our lives. It only worries about us paying less taxes. That is why I stopped paying taxes many years ago, after I went off the grid. Later on, I informed the government that I had terminated the legal person bearing my name that they created after my birth. It is actually remarkably simple, as no legal person means no taxes. Watch episode 7 of Pateo TV to learn more about this solution to the problem called ‘unlawful government’.



Upcoming Talk Show of Pateo Radio


Below, the guest of the upcoming talk shows of Pateo Radio in the English-language is shown. Pateo Radio is a weekly one-hour live talk show in multiple languages broadcast by the non-stop internet radio station of Finding Voices Radio (website).


o       November 11 : Frank Rasmussen (from Denmark)


Visit the webpage of Pateo Radio (link) in order to read the announcement including weblinks of each of these live broadcasts. If you know a remarkable researcher who has not yet appeared on Pateo Radio (perhaps yourself?), then please contact me.



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