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On Solving the JFK Case


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o       Solving the JFK Case

o       Mehran Keshe claims to be the Messiah

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Solving the JFK Case


Almost everyone is familiar with the JFK case, referring to the event that took place on Friday afternoon, November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas, USA. It was Joe Kennedy Sr.’s second son John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917) that passed over that day while he was serving as the 35th president of the USA.


However, this was not the only son of Joe Kennedy Sr. (1888) that prematurely passed over. His eldest son, named Joe Kennedy Sr. (1915), passed over 19 years earlier, on Saturday, August 12, 1944. And four years after the JFK case , on Thursday, June 6, 1968, also his third son passed over, named Bobby Kennedy (1925). All three sons passed over before they reached the age of 50 years old. And later on, the very same happened to three grandsons of Joe Kennedy Sr. All three also passed over before they reached the age of 50 years old. How remarkable is that? Why did this extremely wealthy family had to deal with so much misfortune?


I am now asking you to have an open mind on all of this. Can you do that? If not, then do not bother reading further.


Good that you have an open mind on these remarkable events. Could it be true that JFK did not die that day, and that his assassination was staged? That would actually explain everything, after you have given it perhaps some thought: the ridiculous Warren Committee, the tampering with the footage, the blaming of Lee Oswald, the ongoing debate on bullet lines, and many other odd findings as well.


Last week, a colleague of mine from the UK send me the link to a paper written by Miles Mathis, who was mentioned in the previous Pateo Newsletter as well. In that paper, Miles argues rather convincingly that the JFK assassination was staged. Based on his findings, I started to delve once more in this JFK case. This resulted last week in me writing a small booklet about the final solution to the JFK case. You can find it as a free e-book on both and Its title is ‘Solving the JFK Case’. 



Mehran Keshe claims to be the Messiah


Last Friday, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, born in Iran in 1958, put on a big show in the Italian capital Rome during the Third World Ambassadors Meeting for Peace. Keshe presented his so-called Magrav-Power system, which according to him is a plasma generator. He showed a blue device with a kind of hexagonal top and bottom of about eight inches high (or twenty centimeters), having two external wires. The ambassadors present all were allowed to take home a free device. Click here to see the video recording of this event.


Several times in the past, I really did my best to understand what Keshe was explaining. I also met him once in person, and we had a short chat. However, I never got my mind around his theory. And as I am not a believer, but instead a knower, I still do not know what what to think about Mr. Keshe.


Last year, on Good Friday, Mehran Keshe also put out a sort of press release. In it, he writes:


Today and with this pen, I as the Messiah and I whom took his time to be amongst you, to learn about your shortfalls and false lives, for me to be able to understand your problems, I spent over 55 years with you, worked your ways to be able to help and guide you out of this life of the jungle of this planet, I call up on you to lay down all arms and all thoughts of greed and misconducts and killings.” (full text)


I do not know about you, but to me such a statement is most certainly a red flag. Some sentences below this, he refers to “the time of the killing of the son of God”. Apparently, he still believes that this was a real historic event. To me, this is another red flag. Furthermore, Keshe only talks about peace, and not about justice and truth. Is he really that naïve? (The website Keshe (link) contains information provided by individuals who have been harmed in any way by Mehran Keshe.)



Truth, Justice, Peace


Last month, I was in the Danish capital Copenhagen for the Open Mind Conference. One of the other speaker was a former USA Marine and Gulf War Veteran named Kenneth N. O'Keefe (1969). In his powerful presentation, he explained very convincingly that peace without justice is no true peace, which will never last very long. He then argued that justice without truth is neither true justice. The correct order to achieve peace is therefore: 1. Truth, 2. Justice, and 3. Peace.

This gives us another argument to consider Keshe as a deceiver. A true peacemaker puts first the emphasis on revealing the truth. As I have stressed many times in my work, sharing the real truth and being very popular do not go along really well together. Speaking the real truth mostly very much reduces one’s popularity, as the majority is still unwilling or incapable of appreciating the real truth. For them, it is so much more comfortable to keep pretending that the accepted lies are true. This is not only true in the mainstream community, but also in all the alternative communities as well.


Why is Keshe unwilling or incapable to explain his theory in easy to understand words? I know people who read his three books and still do not have a clue what he is really referring to. I have had the same experience when listening to several of his presentations. It took away not only my precious time, it also wasted my precious energy. After all these years, is that really the best he can do? Or is he just trying to baffle those who really do want to know what he is talking about. In the recent past, I have booked him twice as a guest for the Pateo Radio talk show, and both times he cancelled last minute. If not red, then this cancelling certainly counts as on orange flag.


Keshe is not only skipping the truth phase, he also gives no consideration to the justice phase. Is he really unaware of the true satanic roles played by the current USA president and the current public leader of the criminal organization known as the Vatican? To me, this is another red flag.


Furthermore, he claims that his technology enabled Iran to intercept a USA drone, and also that it disabled a USA aircraft carrier. It seems that both incidents really happened, but I have not been able to find confirmation of his involvement in either one of them. Anyway, let us start by revealing the truth, including the truth about Mehran Keshe and his Magrav-Power system. Then we can move on to justice, after which peace might be realized. If you have facts to share concerning this truth, please let me know. However, please keep it as pure as possible, and stick to the facts only. I thank you in advance for that.



Thank you also for reading this newsletter (and possibly also forwarding it, and/or republishing it).


With Love and Wisdom,

Johan Oldenkamp : Wholly Science ( - the Reunification of pure Science and true Spirituality - )



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