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On Tetryonics


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o       Tetryonics fits beautifully within Wholly Science

o       How much does a free and independent internet television channel cost?

o       What happened to the Russian airliner?

o       Mehran Keshe released no blueprints



Tetryonics fits beautifully within Wholly Science


If you have never heard of Tetryonics, then I advice you to do a quick web search. Tetryonics enables the understanding of subatomic geometries in a completely different way then what has been assumed all those years by mainstream physics and quantum mechanics. Tetryonics is able to explain a large variety of subatomic and atomic features that mainstream “science” can merely describe. If contemporary “science” would actually apply Ockham's razor, as genuine science should, Tetryonics would, by now, have fully replaced the current standard model of the atom. Furthermore, Tetryonics fits beautifully within the scientific paradigm of Wholly Science. In fact, Tetryonics is actually an application of Wholly Science.


Tetryonics was developed almost a decade ago by the Australian researcher Kelvin C. Abraham. As I was so enthusiastic about Tetryonics, he agreed to do a live internet television show with me. That episode of Pateo TV was broadcast last Saturday (October 31, 2015). In that show, I presented the basics of Wholly Science in order to do a short introduction to Tetryonics. Next, Kelvin continued from there, explaining many more aspects of Tetryonics.


Although about 7000 researchers world wide are familiar with Tetryonics, Kelvin himself has always been able to remain on the background. All attention should go to the message, and none to the messenger, according to him. That is why hardly anyone knows how he looks like. However, for the very first time, Kelvin showed his face in the second part of that episode of Pateo TV. Go to (link) in order to watch the recording of this video interview of Pateo TV.



How much does a free and independent internet television channel cost?


After six months of intensive fund raising, the internet TV and radio station named “The People’s Voice” was launched on November 25, 2013. In total, more then two million USA dollars were raised to make this new station possible. After just a month, this station was already asking for more money from its audience. Until today, it has never been publicly revealed how these millions were actually spent.


The main creator of The People’s Voice was David Icke (1952), who is exposed as a disinformer on PateoPedia (link). His role is to blow up parts of the truth to absurd proportions. When then later these ludicrous exaggerations are falsified, many people will also dismiss the true aspects underneath it.


In March 2014, Icke decided to leave The People’s Voice. A few months later, this station stopped broadcasting. Ever since, its website tries to sell us the idea that a 2.0 version will appear soon (link), but this will of course never happen.


Instead of giving the people a real voice, Icke robbed the people of their savings. To me, it is crystal clear that Icke is mind-controlled, and not at all serving the interest of “The People”.


This year, on January 1, a real free and independent 24/7 internet TV station was launched, named CCN. Among the average 25 live broadcast shows of CCN per week is since its start Pateo TV. In total, CCN has now broadcast and archived more then 800 shows. If the 2 million USA dollars were raised for CCN, this station would have been able to broadcast for more then 33 years without asking for financial support. As this was clearly not the case, and these 2 million are now lost forever, CCN has to ask for public financial support in order to remain independent (link).


Just like my websites ( and, also the website of is completely free of advertising by for instance Google. To me, any website that is not free of these advertisements is suspicious, to say the least. Of course, we all need money (in this crazy, controlled reality), but it is far better to let the money flow directly between each other, instead of via corrupted companies.



What happened to the Russian airliner?


In the early morning of last Saturday, a Metrojet Airbus A321 of the Russian airline Kogalymavia (branded as Metrojet) crashed in northern Sinai, 23 minutes after take-off from Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport, Egypt. Its destiny was Pulkovo Airport, Saint Petersburg, Russia. Its flight number was 7K9268 (or KGL9268). All 217 passengers (including 17 children) and 7 crew member died. The Russian charter company Kogalymavia claimed that this crash could not have been caused by a technical malfunction. Strangely enough, this airliner broke apart before it hit the ground. Was this airplane deliberately taken down, so close to the Israeli border? While this airplane downed, Israel was hosting its largest-ever international air force exercise named “Blue Flag”, lasting from October 18 until November 3 (today), held in the south of the Israeli desert. Also the episode of Transpicuous News on CCN of last Monday covered this suspicious airliner crash (link).



Mehran Keshe released no blueprints


Mehran Keshe promised to release the blueprints of his so-called Magrav-Power system on Monday, October 26, 2015 (as described in the previous newsletter). As I already predicted, no technical details or diagrams were released on that day by him, nor on any of the following days. After the previous newsletter, several insiders contacted me, and shared quite a lot of incriminating information concerning Mehran Keshe. If you are not familiar with the ultra dark side of this self-proclaimed Messiah, then check out the website of Keshe (link). He is now also exposed on the Disinformers webpage of PateoPedia (link).



Thank you also for reading this newsletter (and possibly also forwarding it, and/or republishing it).


With Love and Wisdom,

Johan Oldenkamp : Wholly Science ( - the Reunification of pure Science and true Spirituality - )



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