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o       In memoriam: Muhammad Ali (1942 – 2016)

o       Multiple shooters at the Orlando massacre

o       Now available: a Video Course on how to become a Sourcerer

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In memoriam: Muhammad Ali (1942 – 2016)


Most people, including myself, consider Muhammad Ali to have been the best professional boxer ever. He was born on 1942 January 17 as Cassius Marcellus Clay Junior. Earlier this month, on Friday, 2016 June 3, he departed form this physical reality. Even more powerful then the inimitable moves and tactics of this legendary fist fighter, who was thrice the world champion and who even won an Olympic gold medal, was his mindset. He was first of all a man who was willing to sacrifice everything for truth and justice. That is why he lost his first world championship title, as he refused to fight in Vietnam. And, oh boy, how right was he about that CIA drugs war! Neither was he afraid of becoming less popular, as he openly converted to Islam and accordingly changed his name. Muhammad Ali also dared to speak the truth about the degrading situation in Palestine: “In my name and the name of all Muslims in the USA, I declare support for the Palestinian struggle to liberate their homeland and oust the Zionist invaders.” And again, oh boy, how right was he about this horrific terror by the Zionists, that is going on for almost 70 years now! I honor you, Muhammad Ali, for showing humanity that the truth will indeed prevail, and also for not listening to fear (as fear is indeed a bad counselor).



Multiple shooters at the Orlando massacre


In the early morning of Sunday, 2016 June 12, between 2 a.m. and about 5 a.m., a mass shooting occurred at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida (USA). This massacre resulted in 49 dead victims, next to 53 wounded. Witnesses reported three gunmen. One of them, Omar Mir Seddique Mateen (born on 1986 November 16) was shot. Both other gunmen “escaped”. The mainstream media not only stressed the fact that is was a gay nightclub (named “Pulse”), and that the killed gunman was a 29-year-old USA citizen of Afghan descent, it “forgot” to mention both other shooters. A post on Facebook by a witness mentioning multiple shooters was censored. Fortunately, most people nowadays know about this censorship on so-called “social media”, and therefore many people make screenshots and save these pictures. That is why nowadays millions of truth seekers are actively fighting the disinformation in the mainstream media and the censorship on for instance Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


My specialty is the numerological analysis of terror attacks like also this Orlando massacre. This is why I am invited to speak again (just like last year) on the Open Mind Conference held in the Danish capital of Copenhagen (announcement). This invitation was based on my analysis of the 3/22 terror attacks in the Belgium capital of Brussels, earlier this year (video). Also the numerological analysis of this Orlando massacre is rather straightforward, as June 12 can numerologically be represented as 6 (as June is the 6th month) plus two more 6’s (as 12 = 6 + 6). Hopefully you can now see the indirect reference of this June 12 date to Revelation 13:18, where we can read about the number of the Beast.


The “powers-that-should-not-be” did not only pick a rather meaningful date for this false flag shooting, they also diverted the public attention away from the very courageous truth seeker that Muhammad Ali was. On top of that, once again ignorant people are fed with the suggestion that each Muslim can easily become a terrorist. And last, but most certainly not least, the USA government now has another huge case for trying to end the possession of arms by civilians. Therefore, who benefits (Cui Bono)? Indeed, the “powers-that-should-not-be”!



Now available: a Video Course on how to become a Sourcerer


For many years now, the “powers-that-should-not-be” apply Black Magic in order to gain more power and control. If you are not aware of this, then you could, for instance, investigate the opening ceremony at the first day of this month of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, which is a railway base tunnel through the Alps in Switzerland. It was perhaps the most impudent public satanic ritual up to now, as far as I know.


Exposing their ultra dark practices is a good start, but it turned out not to be enough for ending their hidden global terror. The only way to really end their world domination is by learning and applying White Magic, which eventually will overrule all their demonic spells.


Wholly Science refers to this White Magic as “Sourcery”, as it is all about creating from the Source in the very heart of this reality. In order to create more and more Sourcerers, meaning “Conscious Creators of the Light”, I developed a unique video course. This crash course in Sourcery consists of 30 videos with an average playing time of about two hours. More information on this Wholly Science video course, you find via the homepage of (link).


CEI = I x C x E


This formula means:


Creational Effectiveness Index = Intention x Competency x Energy


The Wholly Science video course fully explains everything there is to know about creational Competency (C), which corresponds to the theory of Sourcery. It also explains how we can increase our own creational Energy level (E). Next, it is up to each sourcerer to provide the third factor of this Creational Effectiveness Index (CEI), which is Intention (I). Do you want to join the Wholly Science School of Sourcery, then contact me.



Latest videos of Pateo TV


Following the Pateo TV episode on 3/22 (2016), I first made a Pateo TV episode on Murdering Prince (video). Six weeks after this cowardly murder, the mainstream media suddenly tried to sell the ridiculous story that Prince allegedly died from the intake of too many painkillers. In order to make this ludicrous story “credible”, he allegedly would have taken the very strong painkiller called Fentanyl. However, this morfinomimeticum is many times stronger than morphine, which is only used in case of extreme pain. Two days before his death, Prince was present at a dance party, where everyone saw that he was absolutely fine. Perhaps there were earlier attempts to poison him, as it was reported that he also had been seeking medical help, but the insinuation that he allegedly would have been seriously ill is a rather transparent lie. Claiming that someone accidentally died by taking too many painkillers is clearly an attempt to conceal this horrible murder. In my video of April 26, I present various evidence for this conclusion. However, I was then unaware that Prince was murdered on the 90th anniversary of the British monarch Elizabeth II. Was his death perhaps a birthday present for this patroness of the Freemasons?


Next, I made a Pateo TV episode on the genealogy of the Dutch “royal” family, titled “Not of Orange” (video). In that video, I present irrefutable proof that this family is not “Of Orange”, and not even “Of Nassau”. This means that the monarchy in the Netherlands is based on lies, deceit, and fraud.

Do you want to support my work, then please share both latest videos of Pateo TV as far and wide as you can. I thank you in advance for that.



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