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On 9/11’s 15th anniversary


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o       My LinkedIn account is reactivated

o       Follow now the Wholly Science Video Course

o       The 15th anniversary of 9/11



My LinkedIn account is reactivated


Twelve years ago, in 2004, I created an account at However, after I decided to go off the grid in 2008, I also cleared this account, as it belonged to my old life, according to me at that time. I only left behind a reference to the website for anyone who wanted to connect with me. In 2013, a good friend, Margot, created a LinkedIn account for Pateo Center, which at that time was located in the town of Oudewater in the Netherlands. Because of my current need to better connect ourselves, I recently decided to reactivate the LinkedIn account with my own name, and to deactivate the Pateo Center account. If you have a LinkedIn account, would you then like to connect with me? (link)



Follow now the Wholly Science Video Course


Since the end of July, all thirty episodes of the online video course on Wholly Science are now available. This unique series of videos, with a total playing time of 53 hours and 35 minutes, comprehensively covers everything there is to know about sane science and sound spirituality. It shows the bigger picture in full detail, including our real history, free energy technology, alchemy, metaphysics, and many other essential subjects. Order now, and find out how much discount you are entitled to (link).



The 15th anniversary of 9/11


Next month, on Sunday, September 11th, it is exactly 15 years since the 9/11 events changed our shared reality forever. Pateo TV celebrates this 15th anniversary of 9/11 with a special episode that presents the whole truth about these events. It will not only fully answer the what-question, but also the how-question and the why-question. This special episode of Pateo TV will be released next week, at least three weeks before September 11th. Each follower of the Wholly Science video course is granted to watch this 9/11 special for free, while all others can watch it for only 119 USA dollar cents each. Do not forget to send me an e-mail message after paying this small fee (via PayPal: see Donations on or On September 11th, this video will become freely available. This video starts with explaining how the number 33 is hidden in the design of the USA flag. Speaking of 33, this is also the 33rd Pateo Newsletter in English!

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