Top 3 Charlie Hebdo Bloopers


The following three bloopers proof beyond any doubt that the proclaimed killings on Wednesday January 7, 2015 in and around the office of Charlie Hebdo in the French capital Paris was a false flag attack, as I already claimed on the day after this fake shooting (link).



Blooper #1: The car went left instead of right.


This map shows the driving route of the actors (I mean of course “terrorists”) according to the official story of what supposedly did happen:



After the shooting in the office, they drive away via the Allée Verte (French for ‘Green Lane’), where they encounter a police car. Instead of blocking the one-way street, which must have been standard procedure, the police car drives backwards in order to let the actors out.


This screen shot is taken before these actors drove away, taking all the time in the world, as if it is just a regular day for them:



Unfortunately, the video of the incident with the police car is of poor quality, and so are these screen shots:


Almost at the end

At the end of the street

Taking a left turn


If these pictures are too vague for you, go look up the video of this incident (YouTube, YouTube).


So where the map shows a right turn, the video proofs that the actors actually took a left turn. This is of course the biggest blooper.



Blooper #2: The police officer was shot by a blank.


As stated in my article of the day after, there was no recoil, nor was there any blood (link). In order to see this for yourself, go look up the video of this incident (YouTube, YouTube). When this video is no longer available (meaning: censored), then these screen shots should be enough proof:


Before the shot

Taking the shot

Walking by

Walking away



Turning around

Walking back


Shooting a real bullet with an AK 47 assault gun (also known as a Kalashnikov rifle) without seeing any recoil at all is impossible. Furthermore, shooting someone in the head from this close range and next see no impact nor any blood at all coming out of the skull, even after a while, is completely impossible either. This proves blooper number 2: the actor shot a blank at the acting police officer.


Actually, the smoke that is shortly visible in the video did not come from the rifle, but from the left hand of the actor that is impersonating the police officer (video), as is hopefully clear on the following screen shot:




Blooper #3: The side-kick scores the shoe.


The shoe showed the actors were to stop their car and get out:



Next, after the take was completed, the side-kick actor picks up this marker. After all, the shoe belongs to the film company.



Also this is clearly a blooper. Which real terrorist would care to pick up a shoe. Did he check the size first? Doesn’t he need two shoes, one for each foot? What is the use of only one shoe?


Do you still want more proof? Okay, as a kind of bonus, I will also give you blooper number 4:



Blooper #4: The police car was shot too precisely.


Most likely, also the police car, as mentioned in blooper number 1, was shot by blanks, as the video does no show any impacts either. Later on, the special effects team of this badly produces terrorist attack movie shot some holes in the front screen of this police car.



The fourth biggest blooper is that this special effects team forgot to also shoot some bullets against the other parts of the car as well.



© 2015 January 15 – : Wholly ScienceJohan Oldenkamp