Surujin-Jutsu Kihon

スルジン術   基本

Surujin-Jutsu (or スルジン術 in Japanese) includes the fighting techniques ( 術 Jutsu ) according to Ryukyu Kobujutsu with a Surujin (or スルジン in Japanese), that is, a chain that has a weight attached to one end and a short sharp weapon at the other. The weight is used for twining, and the sharp weapon for thrusting and stabbing. The length of the regular (or short) Surujin corresponds to the wingspan of the outspread arms (which is about one and a half meters or 5 feet). The long Surujin can measure up to twice this regular length. Next, Kihon (or 基本 in Japanese) means basics or fundamentals.

In this video (recorded on 15 April 2024), budoka Johan Oldenkamp, a former national champion from the Netherlands, performs these basic fighting techniques with the regular Surujin. This standard Kihon series may look simple and unspectacular, but please bear in mind that the Surujin is Ryukyu Kobujutsu’s most difficult weapon to control.

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