Surujin-Jutsu Kumite

スルジン術   組手

Surujin-Jutsu (or スルジン術 in Japanese) includes the fighting techniques ( 術 Jutsu ) with a lightweight chain that has a weight for twining at one end, and a short sharp weapon for thrusting on the other ( スルジン Surujin ), according to Ryukyu Kobujutsu. The length of the regular (or short) Surujin corresponds to the wingspan of the outspread arms (which is about one and a half meters or 5 feet), while the long Surujin can measure up to twice this regular length. Next, Kumite (or 組手 in Japanese) – literally ’grappling hands’ – means practicing with an opponent.


In the video embedded below (recorded on 6 May 2024), budoka Johan Oldenkamp, a former national champion from the Netherlands, performs the fifteen basic one-step-sparring sequences for the regular (or short) Surujin. For these Kumite exercises, he has made a practice Surujin out of rope with a wooden Tanto on one end and a tennis ball on the other.

  1. Hon-Aya-Furi (Gyaku-Ai-Kamae) [Seme: Maede-Tsuki Chudan]
  2. Hon-Aya-Furi (Hon-Ai-Kamae) [Seme: Maede-Tsuki Chudan]
  3. Gyaku-Aya-Furi (Gyaku-Ai-Kamae) [Seme: Jodan-Uchi]
  4. Gyaku-Aya-Furi (Hon-Ai-Kamae) [Seme: Jodan-Uchi]
  5. Nihon-Uke (Ai-Kamae) [Seme: Jodan-Uchi]
  6. Nihon-Uke (Hantai-Kamae) [Seme: Jodan-Uchi]
  7. Ippon-Uke (Gyaku-Ai-Kamae) [Seme: Jodan-Uchi]
  8. Ippon-Uke (Hantai-Kamae) [Seme: Jodan-Uchi]
  9. Ippon-Dachi Gedan-Uke (Ai-Kamae) [Seme: Maede-Tsuki Gedan]
  10. Taba-Harai-Uke (Hantai-Kamae) [Seme: Jodan-Uchi]
  11. Metsubushi (Hantai-Kamae) [Seme: Jodan-Uchi]
  12. Gyaku-Yoko-Karage (Ai-Kamae) [Seme: Jodan-Uchi]
  13. Hon-Yoko-Karage (Ai-Kamae) [Seme: Jodan-Uchi]
  14. Ushiro-Yoko-Karage (Ai-Kamae) [Seme: Jodan-Uchi]
  15. Tate-Karage (Hantai-Kamae) [Seme: Jodan-Uchi]

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