Tinbe-Jutsu Kumite

ティンベー術   組手

Tinbe-Jutsu (or ヌンチャク術 in Japanese) includes the defensive fighting techniques ( 術 Jutsu ) with a shield ( ティンベー Tinbe ), while Rochin-Jutsu (or ローチン術 in Japanese ) includes the offensive fighting techniques with a short spear ( ローチン Rochin ). The Tinbe can be made of various materials but is commonly found in vine or cane, metal, or archetypically, from a turtle shell (historically, the Ryūkyū Islands’ primary source of food, fishing, provided a reliable supply of turtle shells). It could also be made from a farmer’s conical straw hat (that used the straw in order to trap an opponent’s weapon). Next, Kumite (or 組手 in Japanese) – literally ’grappling hands’ – means practicing with an opponent.

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