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Why cryptocurrency promoter John McAfee was suicided

John David McAfee was born 18 September 1945 at the USA army base in Cinderford, Gloucestershire, England, as the son of Don McAfee from the USA and Joan Williams from the UK. He was primarily raised in Salem, Virginia, USA. He studied mathematics. In 1987, John McAfee created McAfee Associates Inc. to sell the globally first anti-virus software product, which was distributed over the internet (as one of the first online products). As a successful business leader, he emigrated to Belize in 2008, and returned to the USA in 2013. When he became a cryptocurrency promoter, he was seen as a huge threat by the fiat currencies stakeholders, as evidenced by the video interview from 2018 embedded below.

Suspected of alleged tax fraud in the USA, John McAfee was arrested in Barcelona, Spain, in 2020. He became imprisoned in a nearby penitentiary center (in Sant Esteve Sesrovires). On Wednesday 23 June 2021, the 75-years-old John McAfee was suicided in his prison cell by hanging. Let his dastardly death not be in vain, and support the most promising cryptocurrencies any way you can!

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