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Johan Oldenkamp

My name is Johan Oldenkamp. After more than twenty years of research and studying many profound disquisitions, I have succeeded in developing an all-encompassing paradigm with which we can increasingly understand reality. Thanks to this paradigm, it has also become clear to me that in our current language, important concepts are used in an improper way. For example, the conventional science (or scientia in Latin) of the universities is not about really wanting to know something through impartial truth-finding, but on the contrary about clinging to unproven dogmatic assumptions. Thus, the “knowing” of this “science” has degenerated into a belief system (or religion), referred to by me as scientism. In sound Science there is of course no place for any dogmatic belief, because knowing and believing simply do not mix.

Likewise, in our current language, believing and spirituality are mistakenly lumped together. However, my research has shown that genuine Spirituality is founded on knowing, which has no place for belief either. In fact, sound Science and solid Spirituality are really two sides of the same coin of Truth. In the Middle Ages, the two became separated, but my paradigm has fortunately reunited both halves. I have named this healing reunion Wholly Science, with the front part of this naming referring to the top of the all-encompassing paradigm (Spirituality) and the back to the bottom of it (Science).

Wholly Science : Reuniting Science & Spirituality

Wholly Science’s all-encompassing paradigm enables us to understand our reality in an increasingly fundamental way, while also being aware of the relationship between the understander and what it is understood. Wholly Science encourages the understander to develop himself, so that reality, including the understander himself, can be better understood. Through the Wholly Science Education Program, divided over seven levels, we develop not only ourselves, but also the knowledge about ourselves (self-knowledge). The multilingual Pateo.NL website is primarily intended to promote the use of Wholly Science. Also most of the 61 books I have written are about Wholly Science or sub-areas of it.

The Wholly Science Symbol

Wholly Science : for anyone who wants to learn how to understand everything completely

Welcome to Pateo.NL

Impartial truth-finding and financial dependence do not mix. Conventional science is therefore not searching for the genuine truth, but only for confirmation within the dogmatic views on which it is founded. If you still believe in this conventional “science”, then you are not ready for Wholly Science yet. In that case, you might want to start by learning about some major fallacies by this believe system called ‘scientism’.

Wholly Science : Reuniting Science & Spirituality

Spiritual development without self-knowledge is nothing but delusional fantasy. Popular spirituality is therefore not searching for the genuine self, but only for confirmation of the alleged or illusionary self. If you still believe in popular “spirituality”, then you are not ready for Wholly Science yet. In that case, you might want to start by learning about some major fallacies by this believe system called ‘phantasism’.

Wholly Science ▼ is the wholesome reunification of sound Science and solid Spirituality.

Not only conventional science and organized religions do not serve the interests of natural people, so do all governments and other governing bodies, as well as what is regulated by them, such as the monetary system, the disease control system, the mainstream media, the education system, the legal system, and the food industry.

When you are societal awake, then you know that the function of the mainstream media is to keep their ignorant audience nescient. However, most alternative media are neither enabling you to discover the whole truth, as this is only possible from the all-encompassing paradigm of Wholly Science. Therefore, stop wasting your precious time, and start today with studying Wholly Science or continue doing so.

Scientific Spirituality ⟸ Wholly Science ⟹ Spiritual Science

Wholly Science : Scientia Spiritualis & Spiritualitas Scientifica

Based on Wholly Science, we are creating dignified communities in which humans can develop themselves in harmony with each other and with nature as a whole. Please understand that fighting against what we don’t want is counterproductive. Instead, spend your energy on what is right, after having first invested in developing your consciousness by completing the Wholly Science Education Program.

On Knowing and Being

What we can understand is limited by our consciousness. In other words, our science is constrained by our spirituality. However, by increasing the understanding of ourselves, we can utilize this increased self-knowledge for spiritual ascension, after which our understanding can further increase.

Everything that can be read, viewed and/or listened to on this website has been produced by Johan Oldenkamp. Fortunately, there is advancing insight in him because he continues to develop both his science and his spirituality. As a result, his work reaches an ever-higher level. For those who also want to ascend, his older work can also be valuable, in order to follow his “path of breadcrumbs”. However, it is quite impossible to continuously update everything that has been produced in the past based on his latest insights. Therefore, consider every production by him as a snapshot, based on Johan’s knowing and being from that time. If you want to get to know also his most recent discoveries, follow his path as fast as you can.


We can experience all kinds of things during our sleep, but as soon as we wake up, we realize that this was just a dream. Something similar happens when we realize that everything we have believed in all our lives, such as the government, the legal system, the financial system, the mainstream media, academic “science” (especially anything that is driven by the pharmaceutical industry) and not to mention every religion (including modern variants of this such as New Age), is not based on truth, but keeps us away from this. As mentioned above, I call this societal awaking.

Almost everyone who becomes societal awakened gets stuck in this. Some even delve deeper and deeper down the proverbial ‘rabbit hole’ of deception, only to find that it just keeps branching out. A lot of this deception is also exposed on Pateo.NL, as the Latin word pateo means ‘no longer hidden’ (while the extension ‘NL’ here means ‘Natural Logic’). However, this is the only website that I know of that emphasizes that societal awakening is just the first step, preparing you for the real thing. This real work is about spiritual awakening, and Wholly Science was developed by me for that purpose.

If you still have hope that what you are looking for can be found without studying Wholly Science, then keep searching as long and as hard as you can. Only when you have lost all hope of it, only then are you really ready for Wholly Science. Then start with the Wholly Science Education Program, and possibly prepare for it first by following the Wholly Science Video Course. If this is not entirely clear to you, please do not hesitate to contact me (but only if you want to wake up spiritually).

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