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Three Levels of Awakening

Every day we wake up physically.
Our waking consciousness then takes over from our sleeping consciousness.
This is the first level of awakening.
We then realize that what we dreamed was not real.
It was our own projection that we treated as real because our consciousness was so low.

The second level is societal awakening.
This is a shocking process, because your old world view becomes increasingly shattered.
You begin to see that lies are ruling in all facets of our regulated society.
Anyone who dares to face the truth and conducts unbiased research on it will eventually uncover corruption everywhere.

The corrupt government is controlled by acting puppets.
They serve the interests of the real overlords behind the curtain.
Their ultimate goal is maximum control over everything and everyone.
They are the global control freaks.

Also, the corrupt jurisdiction foremostly serves the same “elite”.
The corrupt mainstream media commit propaganda so that the lies can continue to rule.
Corrupt health care primarily serves the commercial interests of the pharmaceutical industry through the treatment protocols.

And academic “science” has also long since stopped practicing impartial truth-finding.
Based on false dogmas, this scientism produces the results that its financiers demand.

Ordinary people are societally dormant and can thus not see how they are fooled.
Therefore, they continue to work for money that is created almost out of thin air by the regulations that the financial sector and governments have devised together, for the sake of the hidden overlords.

Shaking someone really well works to wake up someone who is physically asleep, but with societal sleep this is rather counterproductive.
Ordinary people are so brainwashed that these parrots can only repeat the propagated counter-arguments of the propaganda media.
Therefore, anyone who sleeps societally keeps denying all those conspiracies.
They are seeingly blind and hearingly deaf.
But anyone who is societally wide-awake sees it all as one big conspiracy, actually a rather dark one.
Only then are you ready for the third awakening.

On the third level you wake up from your assumed self.
This is Spiritual Awakening.
However, this has nothing to do with popular "spirituality", because these belief systems are just as corrupt as university scientism.
In fact, this form of fake spirituality, which we better call ‘soul tickling’, only makes you sleep even deeper.
And that explicitly includes all popular religions, including New Age.
Anyone who believes in this is not really awake.

Spiritual Awakening is impossible without the help of a school.
You cannot pull yourself up out of the swamp by your hair.
Fortunately for you, there is such a school, in which sane Science and sound Spirituality have been reunited.
And thanks to the internet, it is also accessible to everyone worldwide.
This online school is called Wholly Science.
Its Education Program consists of 5 Levels.
Then you are Spiritually Awakened, also based on your self-knowledge.
You then know the Truth about yourself and that about the overall reality.
And from this Truth you learn to create consciously and harmoniously.
After this initiation, you are a Wakeful Human.
You will then be part of a team of White Sourcerers.
Our common goal is to reduce the darkness by manifesting the Light.

Will you join our team?
If so, then start the Wholly Science Education Program today, or continue with it.


This news item, written on Tuesday 2020 June 30 by Wholly Science founder Johan Oldenkamp, is also available in German, and Dutch.

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