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What is Wholly Science?

Wholly Science (rock solid)

Mainstream “science” and popular “spirituality” are currently far apart. However, the all-encompassing paradigm of Wholly Science shows that Science and Spirituality actually belong together. As two sides of the same coin, they complement each other. Separated from each other, both offer at most half a truth. By reuniting Science and Spirituality, Wholly Science enables the discovery of the whole truth.

Scientism is science without spirituality. It is best characterized as a headless chicken. It fills the lacking top with belief in coincidence, making it profane and driftless. It includes several major fallacies.

Fallacies by scientism
Fallacies by phantasism

Phantasism is spirituality without science. It is best characterized as a pie in de sky. It fills the lacking foundation with wishful thinking, making it ungrounded and arbitrary. It also includes several major fallacies.

Wholly Science not only shows that Science and Spirituality belong together, this all-encompassing paradigm also unites truthful parts of all religious movements and alternative spiritual approaches. All that the paradigm of Wholly Science requires is an open mind and the willingness to start all over again from a clean slate. Therefore, stepping up to the all-encompassing paradigm of Wholly Science requires stepping away from any current paradigm, as they are all incomplete at best, and erroneous in almost all cases.

The development of Wholly Science is based on just three basic rules:

Wholly Science offers timeless and universal explanations for the whole of it all. Wholly Science clarifies and integrates veritable wisdom of ancient mystical scriptures up to modern-day, unbiased research findings. Therefore, Wholly Science offers solid explanations to all phenomena, both natural and man-made, and also both physical and metaphysical.


The purpose of Science is to increase understanding. The application of this scientific knowledge enables us to effectively and efficiently influence the external reality. But what is then the purpose of Spirituality? Because Wholly Science states that Science and Spirituality are complementary, the purpose of Spirituality must be to increase the understanding of how to effectively and efficiently influence the internal reality. While Science aims to improve the outside world (creating a better living environment), Spirituality aims to improve the inside world (creating a better living being). Therefore, both serve to give us a better life, with the main scientific focus on the exterior, and the main spiritual focus on the interior. However, Wholly Science also proves that both are actually one and the same, but that can only be understood by advanced students.

Spiritual Science = Scientific Spirituality = Wholly Science

Because Wholly Science explains the mirroring relation between the exterior and the interior, it offers a complete approach to create a better life. Consequently, the purpose of Wholly Science is to increase the creational competency. The end result of the well-structured Wholly Science Education Program is becoming a Conscious Creator who is connected to the Source, and is therefore also called a Sourceror or a Wholly Being.

Key Models of Wholly Science

The founder of Wholly Science is all-round scientist and spiritual master teacher Johan Oldenkamp.

The Scientific Hierarchy at the core of Wholly Science

If you want to understand the underlying logic of one or more of the topics listed below, then Wholly Science is in many cases your only option!

Wholly Science (concise)

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