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Major Fallacies Exposed

Major Fallacies Exposed

This overview page exposes the most important fallacies regarding the understanding of our common reality. Below, these fallacies are divided into two categories: scientism and phantasism.

Gravitational theory is false. (proof)
Fallacies by scientism Fallacies by phantasism
The heart is not the soul. (proof)
Evolution theory is false. (proof)
The soul is not the spirit. (proof)
Germ theory is false. (proof)
The spirit is not the mind. (proof)
Continental drift does not exist. (proof)
No higher spatial dimensions exist. (proof)
The periodic table is unnatural. (proof)
No messiah will redeem chosen ones. (proof)

Fallacies by scientism

Scientism is the mainstream, conventional, academic, dogma-based belief system fanatically professed within accredited universities and related institutes. It is emphatically not to be confused with fallacy-free Science.

Gravitational theory is false.
Celestial bodies are not in stable orbits due to an alleged force named “gravity”. Everything else that has been invented by “theoretical physicists” to deliberately cling to this false theory is neither true, such as massless “particles” (including Gravitons), Gravity Waves, Gravitational Constant, Gravitational Collapse, Gravitational Radiation, Quantum Gravity, Black Holes, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Neutron Stars, Big Bang, Space-Time Continuum, and String Theory. Ignorant people believe that someone like Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) would have been a genius, when in reality he was deliberately parachuted as a high priest of this pseudo-science. Universal gravity is its major blooper.

Evolution theory is false.
Biological diversity has not been created by accidental genetic mutations. Based on environmental changes, only genetic adaptations take place within a species. There is no natural way in which one species could change into another species. The sole biological purpose of each species is to exist as long as possible. The theory of coincidental “evolution” is the utmost scientific nonsense, for which there has never been a speck of proof. It is another blooper by scientism.

Continental drift does not exist.
That the continents would drift on the surface of our home planet is a deliberate lie. As a matter of fact, the mantle of our mother planet forms a solid whole. The scientific truth is also that our home planet continues to grow. As a result, its radius has doubled over the past 200 million years. Therefore, the continents continue to separate and the water surface continues to increase. The assertion of continental drift, also known as the Pangea theory, is another blooper by scientism.

The periodic table is unnatural.
The periodic table is not a natural arrangement of the chemical elements. This two-dimensional table has been superseded by the three-dimensional PeriOcta, which is the Periodic Octahedron of the Elements. Therefore, clinging on to the unnatural periodic chart is another blooper by scientism.

Germ theory is false.
What is called sickness always comes from within and never from without. The functioning of the internal equilibrium maintenance system can be affected by, for example, an excess of toxins or harmful radiation, but there is no real remedy for this other than internal cleansing. The claim that healthy people should protect themselves from supposed germs is a pertinent lie, and so is the alleged existence of viruses. This was devised by those in power over the pharmaceutical industry, who, because of their mega profits, have manipulated both the healthcare sector and the governments. As a result, disease symptoms suppression has become one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries. To push these profits up even further, their business model has increasingly encompassed forms of “illnesses”, including for example mental and emotional complaints. More than two thirds of mankind now takes pharmaceuticals on a daily basis. Today’s elderly have bulging medicine cabinets. And the general practitioners have become (corrupt) suppliers of medicine notes. Let us also not forget that they are paid very well to inject syringes full of toxins into their main target group, namely people with reduced natural health.

Fallacies by phantasism

Phantasism includes all unfounded belief systems fanatically professed within organized religions and all their popular offshoots, commonly referred to collectively as ‘New Age’. It is emphatically not to be confused with fallacy-free Spirituality.

The heart is not the soul.
The first blooper by phantasism is treating the heart and the soul as synonyms. For instance, in the expression of putting our heart and soul in something, both are treated as one and the same, as both refer to the core and most essential part. However, heart and soul are not at the same level, and are therefore not the same!

The soul is not the spirit.
The second and even bigger blooper by phantasism is treating soul and spirit as synonyms. Popular “spirituality” (i.e. phantasism) is not at all about the spirit (as its popular designation suggests), but on the other hand much more about the soul. Both the spirit and the soul are then mistaken for the immortal part of any animate being. However, also the soul and the spirit are not at the same level, and are therefore not the same!

The spirit is not the mind.
The third blooper by phantasism is treating spirit and mind as synonyms. In everyday language, the word “spirit” refers to someone’s prevailing quality, mood, or attitude, which can also be seen as the result of someone’s mindset. Furthermore, the adjective ‘spirited’ refers to someone’s enthusiasm or passion, which is commonly associated with the heart. Similarly, in an animated adventure film from 2002 by DreamWorks, ‘Spirit’ is the name of a stallion of great vitality and liveliness. In fact, as none of the concepts of ‘heart’, ‘mind’, ‘soul’, and ‘spirit’ are well defined in everyday language, phantasism confuses them all.

No higher spatial dimensions exist.
Building on the unscientific theory of evolution, phantasists like to fantasize that humanity would evolve naturally into higher beings. To give shape to this fantasy, phantasism made up imaginary realities with more than three spatial dimensions. Reality as we perceive it with our senses is 3D, and on top of that phantasism simply postulated a 4D and a 5D reality. Beyond that, even higher “dimensions” would allegedly be possible, according to phantasism. The truth is that all of these “higher spatial dimensions” are nothing but fantasy by daydreamers.

No messiah will redeem chosen ones.
The five major organized religions all expect a future redemption by a divine savior or messiah named Maitreya (Buddhism), Kalki (Hinduism), Mashiach (Yehudism), Jesus Christ (Christianism), or Mahdi (Allahism). These religions also warn for a look-alike impostor. This false messiah is referred to as the Destroyer (the False Maitreya), Kali (the source of all evil), Satan (the adversary), the Antichrist (the charlatan), or Masih ad-Dajjal (the deceiver). However, this expectation of an upcoming arrival of a (false) messiah is based on incorrect text interpretations. In all cases, this is false hope, because it leads the believers to believe that they cannot free themselves, and they therefore patiently have to wait for their salvation by the Salvator mundi. This is by far the biggest pitfall of phantasism.

Wholly Science is the fallacy-free, wholesome reunification of sound Science and solid Spirituality,
founded by all-round scientist and spiritual master teacher Johan Oldenkamp.

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