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Pateo.NL is much more than an alternative news website. It is a multilingual portal for open-minded and independent researchers for the truth. This video explains how you can use this portal:

WARNING : The information on this website may upset any or even all of your beliefs.

Stop believing, start Knowing

Do you believe in the creation of money through the financial system?

Or do you know how to create real value?

Do you believe in justice by the legal system?

Or do you know how to keep the Law?

Do you believe in the suppression of diseases by physicians?

Or do you know how to foster self-healing?

Do you believe in a sham democracy run by hypocritical politicians?

Or do you know that public administration can also be sincere and transparent?

Do you believe in unbiased reporting by mainstream journalists?

Or do you know how to find out what really happened?

Do you believe in the claims put forth by academic researchers?

Or do you know how to conduct sane Science?

Do you believe in the truthfulness of religious obligations?

Or do you know how to develop sound Spirituality?

Do you believe that others are allowed to rule over you?

Or do you know that no man is really over another?

Only if you have answered all red questions with “no”, and all green questions with “yes”, then you can safely stay on this website. However, if this is not the case, or if you did not understand one or more questions, then read again the above warning before proceeding. (If you want to assess your gullibility, you can do the Historical-Wakefulness Self Test.)

Wholly Science

Science & Spirituality

In antiquity, Science and Spirituality were two sides of the same coin. However, with the advent of universities, science became disconnected from spirituality. Therefore, the genie (meaning: Spirit) got out of the academic bottle. Similarly, religions demand ever since blind faith, even more than they already did before.

After many years of study and research, all-round scientist and spiritual teacher Johan Oldenkamp succeeded in reuniting sane science and sound spirituality. He named this reviving reunion “Wholly Science”, meaning the “Science of the Whole”, including Spirituality. Furthermore, do not confuse “wholly” with “holy”, as the later means “full of holes”, which is not very wholesome at all.

Key Models of Wholly Science

Wholly Science is wholesome reunification of sound Science and solid Spirituality.


Replacing Mainstream, Debugging Alternatives

The purpose of the multilingual website of Pateo.NL is to disseminate the knowledge of Wholly Science, so that more people can start liberating themselves from the stranglehold by reigning lies, both mainstream and alternative. When we are able to see through these lies, then we encounter the Truth. For most people, that Truth is currently still hidden. The Latin word “pateo” means “to be no longer hidden”, and Wholly Science enables us to make sure that this Truth is no longer hidden. Are you ready to make this Truth your own? If so, then you are very welcome to remain on this revealing website of Pateo.NL.

This start page of Pateo.NL is also available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, and Dutch.

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