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Search and you will find!

I (Johan Oldenkamp) have been applying this guideline (of search and you will find) in my life for many years now. Ever since, I have been researching everything of which I want to know the truth. However, discovering the truth also uncovers untruths. We can only reveal the truth after we see falsehoods for what they really are.

Johan H. Oldenkamp, Ph.D.

Whoever believes that a falsehood would be true, feels attacked by someone who claims that this is not the case. Almost everyone identifies oneself with one’s own belief system. That belief has been embraced in the past because it offered the desired (false) certainty. And who then comes to say that this belief is not true, is seen as a threat to this alleged certainty. The inner defense mechanism then takes effect, also mostly triggering a counterattack.

But it is not at all about the messenger. It is about the message. Only those who dare to explore this message in peace and without feeling threatened can eventually find the truth. This is how it works, always and everywhere, because of search and you will find!

The way we see the world is based on our belief system. And that also applies to how we see ourselves. Through my own researches, I have also discovered various falsehoods that are far too large for many people to be able to get their mind around it. Yet, I see it as my duty to share all my findings with others. Unfortunately, this is not appreciated by everyone, and some of them even started to attack me for this. However, I will not allow myself to be stopped by their ignorance. Even their eyes will probably open someday.

The multilingual Pateo.NL website is now packed with my research findings. For novice truth seekers, it can contain a lot of shocking information. Although it is all based on thorough research, and I dare to have a dialogue with everyone about all these issues, I urge you not to believe a single word of it. Just do, like me, your own research. After all, search and you will find!

Nevertheless, can you prove with facts or logic that there is an error on this website, then I would very much appreciate it if you contact me.

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