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Documentaries reviewed

Chemtrails: The Secret War


The video embedded below was produced by Antonio Marcianò (born on 18 January 1963) and his elder brother Rosario Marcianò (born on 19 March 1961 in Saviano, Naples, Italy; currently living in Sanremo, Imperia, Italy). They have named themselves the “National Tanker Enemy Committee”.

Chemtrails: The Secret War” is a summation aimed at analyzing the salient features of the matter through a scientific and rigorous approach. The goal is therefore to fill a gap in the dissemination: in fact, while some dossiers have been produced in the USA about illegal geoengineering, even if they are focused almost exclusively on meteorological manipulations, which are a collateral aspect of the phenomenon, in other countries an ad hoc documentary is still missing. The widespread diffusion of this documentary will be very important with the aim of transmitting exhaustive and unassailable information as much as possible.

This documentary, produced in Italian, is also available with subtitles in Dutch.

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