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The Pateo Psychopath Checklist

  1. A psychopath is a smooth talker with no real depth.
  2. A psychopath is a pathological liar (with lies ranging from small to very large).
  3. A psychopath lives in his own fantasy world.
  4. A psychopath has a very high opinion of himself.
  5. A psychopath looks down on all that is considered to be “lower”.
  6. A psychopath is continually looking for incentives.
  7. A psychopath reacts impulsively.
  8. A psychopath likes to benefit from others.
  9. A psychopath is very adept at manipulation.
  10. A psychopath has no morals nor guilt.
  11. A psychopath has no empathy nor compassion.
  12. A psychopath never feels responsible.
  13. A psychopath never acknowledges his own mistakes.

Though most psychopath are indeed male, female psychopaths are often even more Machiavellian (meaning: cleverly dishonest).

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