Wholly Science

Both academic “science” and ordinary “spirituality” are not what they claim to be.

The “science” of the universities and recognized research institutes is really a dogmatic belief system, born from many erroneous assumptions. It is therefore better referred to as scientism.

And the “spirituality” of the established religions and all other common forms of it, is emphatically not about the spirit (as this designation would suggest), for therein we find no attempt to unambiguously establish this essential concept. As all forms of ordinary “spirituality” lack sound substantiation, it is better referred to as phantasism.

Fallacies by scientism          Fallacies by phantasism

The five biggest blunders of scientism are:
❌ Gravitational theory is false.
❌ Evolution theory is false.
❌ Germ theory is false.
❌ Continental drift does not exist.
❌ The periodic table is unnatural.

The five biggest blunders of phantasism are:
❌ The heart is not the soul.
❌ The soul is not the spirit.
❌ The spirit is not the mind.
❌ No higher spatial dimensions exist.
❌ No messiah will redeem chosen ones.

But that is not all, because sound Science and solid Spirituality are actually two sides of the same coin of Truth.

Separated from spirituality, scientism is best characterized as a headless chicken. It fills the lacking top half with belief in coincidence, making it profane and driftless.

Separated from science, phantasism is best characterized as a pie in de sky. It fills the lacking bottom half with wishful thinking, making it ungrounded and arbitrary.

Wholly Science : Reuniting Science & Spirituality

In the name of this all-encompassing paradigm, ‘Wholly’ refers to the whole including Spirituality. By reuniting sound Science and solid Spirituality, Wholly Science enables the revealing of the whole Truth of everything.

Wholly Science : Reuniting Science & Spirituality

If you are well aware of the shortcomings of both scientism and phantasism, and if you want to penetrate to that Universal Truth, then follow the Wholly Science Education Program. It is namely necessary to re-educate yourself thoroughly, because almost everything that we have accepted as true is in fact false. Do you dare to build up your understanding of the overall reality from scratch, and then be able to rise to unprecedented heights?

More information about the Wholly Science Education Program can be found on the multilingual Pateo.NL website.

The founder of Wholly Science is all-round scientist and spiritual master teacher Johan Oldenkamp.

Johan Oldenkamp