The Wholly Science Symbol

Wholly Science redintegrates Science and Spirituality.

Science without Spirituality is aimless and exanimate. Such science is better referred to as a belief system named scientism.
Sound Science, on the other hand, without any kind of belief, includes solid Spirituality.

Spirituality without Science is ungrounded and arbitrary. Such spirituality is better referred to as phantasism.
Solid Spirituality, on the other hand, without any kind of phantasy, includes sound Science.

Wholly Science is the wholesome reunification of sound Science and solid Spirituality.

In fact, sound Science and solid Spirituality are two sides of the same coin named Wholly Science.

The Wholly Science Symbol

Only when you have established for yourself that both conventional science (that is, scientism) and popular spirituality (that is, phantasism) cannot bring you what you are looking for deep down, then you are ready for Wholly Science.

To immerse yourself in what Wholly Science entails, it is best to start with the Wholly Science Video Course consisting of 33 video presentations with an average playing time of two hours.

Once you have completed this preparation, then you can follow the Wholly Science Education Program, consisting of seven levels.

By doing so, you become a ▶ Wholly Science Student.

Finally, you can specialize yourself by taking a Wholly Science Vocational Course.
The following three Wholly Science Vocational Courses will be offered shortly:

Wholly Science Facilitator

Wholly Science Researcher

Wholly Science Master

The Wholly Science Symbol

The video embedded below explains the Wholly Science symbol: