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Levels of Consciousness

Wholly Science distinguishes nine evolutionary levels of consciousness, and eight substandard levels of consciousness, as shown in the tables below. The content of these tables is mostly based on the Map of Consciousness by David R. Hawkins (1927 2012).

No. God-view Self-view Level Emotion Process
9 Wholly All-Conscious Enlightenment Ineffable Pure-Consciousness
8 All-being Perfect Peace Bliss Illumination
7 One Complete Joy Serenity Transfiguration
6 Loving Benign Love Reverence Revelation
5 Wise Meaningful Reason Understanding Abstraction
4 Merciful Harmonious Acceptance Forgiveness Transcendence
3 Inspiring Hopeful Willingness Optimism Intention
2 Enabling Satisfactory Neutrality Trust Release
1 Permitting Feasible Courage Affirmation Empowerment

Evolutionary Levels of Consciousness (1 up to 9)

No. God-view Self-view Level Emotion Process
0.9 Indifferent Demanding Pride Scorn Inflation
0.8 Vengeful Antagonistic Anger Hate Aggression
0.7 Denying Disappointing Desire Craving Enslavement
0.6 Punitive Frightening Fear Anxiety Withdrawal
0.5 Uncaring Tragic Grief Regret Despondency
0.4 Condemning Hopeless Apathy Despair Abdication
0.3 Vindictive Evil Guilt Blame Destruction
0.2 Despising Hateful Shame Humiliation Elimination

Substandard Levels of Consciousness (below 1)

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