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Bible Study with John the Scraptist

Bible Study

with John the Scraptist


Our collective society is becoming more and more godless. But that is not the fault of the unbelievers. No, this is actually because of the believers!

Believers do not serve God, but instead their conception of what God would be. That is at the heart of their belief. And because believers are not sure, they just believe in what they think to be true. Believers thus believe in their own image of God. And they do not see this as a transgression of God’s Second Commandment.

Believers have built their house on quicksand. This house is a metaphor for our understanding of reality. However, God asks us to instead build our house on rock. If you want to do what God asks of us, then you must start by tearing down your old, ill-founded house. I, John the Scraptist, would very much like to help you with this. And afterwards I can also help you with rebuilding your rock-solid house, … but that will come later.

In this video series about Bible study, the holy, ill-founded houses of believers are expertly demolished. In this first video, it is the pastor’s turn.

Episode 1. Pastor

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The word “pastor” originates from Latin, and it means “shepherd”. Therefore, all those who allow themselves to be led by such a preacher are like sheep. In other words, all Christians are sheeple!

The truth is that all pastors are ministers of Christianity, which has absolutely nothing to do with serving the One True God.

Worldwide, there is not a single pastor who knows the Truth of God, and neither do their Catholic colleagues. They are all adepts of Christianity. But not one of the many Christian denominations properly studies the Word of God. Whoever believes one word of the Bible does not do what God asks of us. For God requires of us to ascend to the level of God, which means raising our understanding of reality. That does not happen by believing. That can only be the result of profound Bible study! The Bible is actually a kind of puzzle book full of Esoteric riddles. I have already solved many of those curious Biblical stories. I would very much like to share this with you, but only when I am sure not to be throwing pearls before the proverbial swine.

Do not you believe me? Very good, because that is a step in the right direction. Indeed, you must stop with believing in general, and next start with knowing.

I hereby challenge anyone who believes that I would not know the Truth of God. This challenge goes like this: Both the challenger and I choose three Bible texts, and the witnessing audience also selects a Bible text. Next, the challenger and I take turns in presenting our explanation of each of these seven texts. This can be done in a physical meeting or an online video conference. The given explanation should be as concise as possible. Afterwards, the audience decides who has won. Next, I will publish an unedited video recording of this Bible interpretation contest. Also, the challenger and everyone in the public has the right to make this public.

I can hardly wait. Who will be my first challenger?

Unlike John the Baptist, John the Scraptist scraps anything that prevents our understanding of God’s Truth! John the Scraptist is an alias of all-round researcher Johannes H. Oldenkamp, PhD. In 2016, he started to study the Bible texts in depth, word-for-word. Ever since, he shares his findings twice a month with the subscribers of Wholly Scripture TV. Preferably contact him by e-mail.

This episode of Bible Study with John the Scraptist is also available in German and Dutch.

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