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Happy New Lunar Year

Today, a new lunar year started. According to Lunar Year Astrology, each lunar year corresponds to a sign of the so-called “Chinese” Zodiac, and also to one of the five energetic elements. The sign of the lunar year that started today is the Rooster, and its energetic element is fire. This combination tells us that it probably will be a lunar year full with passionate inspiration, but be also aware of the possibility of fiery aggression.

According to Chinese tradition, it was the legendary Emperor Huángdì who started counting the lunar years. This would have been 4713 years ago. The current 4714th lunar year lasts thirteen lunar cycles, and ends on February 15, 2018.

As also the Germanic Lunar Year Calendar tracks both the lunar and the solar cycle, the new lunar cycle that starts today is named “Horning-Moon” in this calendar.

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