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Australian Television Music Competition Winner Exposes Freemasonry
in a 5-hour Video Presentation

Altijan Juric was born on 10 June 1975 in Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia, from a Croatian-born father and a Serbian-born his mother. He grew up in Sydney. When he became a singer-songwriter, he used Altiyan Childs as his stage name. In 2010, he won the Australian edition of the television music competition named ‘The X Factor’. Next, he discovered the world-wide influence of a Satanic Cult within Freemasonry. After having been able to prevent a deadly car crash accident due to help from above, as he experienced this, he decided to break his vow of secrecy, in order to expose this cult. The video presentation that he made about this lasts over five hours, and was probably recorded in 2021:

This news item was written by Johan Oldenkamp on Sunday 6 March 2022.

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