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How to develop your consciousness


Developing consciousness is like climbing a mountain.
It is hard work, but it widens your view of the world.
Seeing from the top with your own eyes is the real experience.
A video cannot fully capture this, not even virtual reality.
Your persistent effort gives depth to your journey upwards.
The process of climbing has made you more complete.
This inner development is not transferable to others.
It can only be acquired by climbing the mountain yourself.

Many falsely believe in effortless development of consciousness.
But how can going with the flow ever bring you to the top?
Or any other approach that does not involve mountaineering?
Perhaps you like to read about reaching the summit and its view.
Perhaps you attend weekly meetings honoring a Wayshower.
These are all poor substitutes for the real thing.
So why do you not climb the mountain instead?
Have you become so caught up in this apparent reality that you no longer know what it really is all about?

If reaching the top is your goal, then what do you allow yourself to be hindered by?
The physical appearance of your guide?
The voice and way of talking of your guide?
Can you distinguish essentials from side issues.

I can be your guide, guiding you to the top.
I have developed an optimal climbing route, but you have to do your own climbing.
Can you distinguish between the message and the messenger?
Can you free yourself from anything that hinders you when climbing?
Not only at the start, but especially during our journey upwards.

Where there is a will, there is a way.
That is why I developed Wholly Science.
How strong is your willpower?
Contact me if you want to join my climbing group!

This news item, written on Saturday 2020 May 16, is also available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Dutch.

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