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Inspiring Physics Presentation from 1994

In 1994, Dale Pond (1950) gave a clear and concise 3-hour Physics lecture with extensive illustrations to the USA Psychotronics Association. In it, he often refers to the groundbreaking work of John Keely (1827 – 1898). Unfortunately, the video quality is mediocre, but the audio is good, and therefore sufficient to understand what Dale means. He uses Sympathetic Vibratory Physics (SVP) to refer to these aspects of Physics.

Next to the longitudinal wave and the transverse wave, he mentions the Rayleigh wave, which is actually an elastic wave, just like the Lamb wave. Depicting this as a third dimension of the wave phenomenon is therefore misleading. Next to this, there are more (small) errors in his presentation, compared to the self-evident logic of Wholly Science. Nevertheless, he touches upon many aspects of physics that are very important to understand. In addition, he also adds important insights, such as his improvement of mind over matter in mind in matter. Furthermore, he stated that if you really want to learn more about Physics, you need to study publications from before 1900.

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