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On how to Utilize Perpetual Energy Transfer for Generating Clean Electricity

Nigel Christopher Hands (1940) served 22 years in the British Navy. At the time he was married to Anne Linda Hands, with whom he has a daughter (Bailie Kate).

While serving in the Navy, he made fundamental scientific discoveries. In 1981, he shared his findings via a video recording, but later on all his work including this revealing video was stolen from him by the British Navy.

After his fraudulent deforce, also his daughter was taken from him. Next Nigel remarried to Gail Cooper, and changed his surname to Cooper. Later on, he moved to the Croatian island of Pag, in the northern Adriatic Sea. On the internet, he also uses the pen-surname of Cheese (or was this perhaps his original surname?).

The video embedded above was recorded in 2018. In it he presents clear, conclusive proof of free-energy. This ground-breaking video explains the convergence of magnetism and light to produce an inexhaustible supply of clean electricity.

Simply described, Titons in their natural form are a type of poetic stellar light energy existing throughout the universe. However, unlike positively charged photons, which are man-made, a Titon manifests dual polarity, both positive and negative. When a Titon comes in contact with the Radiant Power Panel a division occurs at the subatomic level. Since no heat is generated in the division process and no fusion occurs when they are recombined, he has coined the term “Titon Exchange & Amplification System” (TEAS) to describe his remarkable creation.

In laboratory tests conducted by Nigel using a 4-inch square Radiant Power Panel, he has consistently produced in excess of 198 volts alternating current, which is sufficient to run most household electric appliances.

In previous testing, Nigel had already determined the Radiant Power Panel to be capable of scaling to the size required to power virtually any type of electrical device known. The discovery of this remarkable new technology portends the dawn of a new era of clean energy for mankind, because it offers advantages heretofore unavailable that will benefit all of us.

Some notable benefits are:

At the end of this article, Nigel himself gets the floor:

I am me. I do not pretend to be anyone else. I do what I do and I do it well. You are all invited to read a section from the last page of my book:

“What can you do when you have an intelligence quotient of 207 and Asperger’s syndrome? There is nothing more I can do; I have gone from zero to infinity in every direction, (and back); I’ve have taken you on a complete tour of rim of the Universe showing that infinity is only part of it; I’ve created matter from nothing, and jumped across space at a speed that far exceeds the poultry speed of light. I’ve produced light, and power, heat and more, and I’ve dropped them all at your door. I have shown you the ins and the outs of the very workings of the universe; I shown to you the deepest most closely guarded secrets of the universe… ALL BUT ONE. The one I shall have to keep hidden from mankind, its obsession with “destructive” power, means that, there is NO WAY I am going to give to humans the ability to create all mater from nothing! That of the magneto nuclei combination; the GOLDEN FISH. It exists and I have done it, I’ve seen through time itself, I wrote down the sequence, and I even made a video, I recorded the whole event, and wrote a step-by-step guide of how and why it works. It’s in the UK and most likely in the USA. It was stolen from me …. If that document / Video / mathematical computational equation was to find its way into the wrong hands (mankind), they would have the potential to “wreck” the very construct of this Universe; That cannot be allowed to happen. When making understands the power of an ION and learns the way of its greed, learns that he is insignificant when compared to the power of one, then and only then will it (mankind) be ready. But until then… mankind will not get the key from me.”

This news item was written on Tuesday 30 November 2021 by Johan Oldenkamp.

On Saturday 4 December 2021, a new video presentation by Nigel was uploaded:

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