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Proof that Alternative Ways of Generating and Using Energy are Real and Oppressed

Dennis M. Lee (c. 1945) investigated alternative ways of generating and using energy. However, his marketing of a heat pump that generated electricity also attracted the attention of the established order. On 22 June 1988, he was arrested (in Ventura County, California, USA) for promoting his innovative device, and sentenced to prison. After his release from jail, he collected everything he knew about this subject into a book. On 1 August 1994, this book was released, titled The Alternative. It was written in cooperation with Better World Technologies.

The Alternative, a true story by Dennis Lee and Better World Technologies

In the video embedded below, Dennis Lee lists several proven energy alternatives, such as superconductivity at room temperature, Tesla’s coil concept by the ethnic Serbian genius Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943), and Pogue’s carburetor invented by the Canadian mechanic Charles Nelson Pogue (1897 – 1985). This video clearly demonstrates that alternative energy technologies really exist (even within the mainstream understanding of Physics), and that the only reason humanity is not using these clean devices is because it will terminate the revenue models of the established order. Therefore, humanity has to choose between keeping complying to the status quo, or breaking free from all sorts of oppression.

There is much more information available on better energy technologies, as shown below. Please contact us if you can help humanity with this outbreak in any way.

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This article was written on Tuesday 26 October 2021 by Johan Oldenkamp.

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