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The Corbett Report on The Great Reset

The Corbett Report
“The Great Reset”


In the episode of The Corbett Report embedded below, researcher and show host James Corbett (1979) exposes “The Great Reset” as the long-prepared “Great Transformation” into the New World Order by the global control freaks. The current COVID-19 “pandemic” scam, named ‘scamdemic’ by him, is merely a preparation for the upcoming and fourth Industrial Revolution (IR):

Due to the 4IR, all sort of governments (such as capitalism (a.k.a. “democracy”), communism, and despotism) will be replaced by technocrism, in which technocracy (meaning ‘centralized technological control’) imposes transhumanism.

(In case you cannot see the above embedded video due to your web browser’s limitations, then watch it directly on Bitchute.)

This news article was published on Saturday, October 17, 2020, by all-round researcher Johan Oldenkamp.

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