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Georgi Stankov

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in 1951. In 1995, he discovered what he named the “Universal Law of Nature”. Although his criticism of mainstream physics is very justified, what he himself comes up with is still incorrect. For instance, his claim that electrical charge would equal spatial surface does not make any sense at all. Furthermore, he keeps clinging on to the erroneous idea that space and time would be part of the same concept, which is clearly false. On top of that, he has contaminated his work with all sorts of New Age nonsense, like ascending towards higher dimensions. His website is Stankov Universal Law.

After having read the above paragraph, he emailed me on Friday 8 October 2021 the following:

Dear Johan,

I just read a short summary where you claim that the new physical theory of the Universal Law is wrong without presenting any proofs.

Herewith I offer you to write a comprehensive article debunking my theory of the Universal Law and I will immediately publish it on my website and then debunk it myself. You can also publish this discussion on your website. This is the only correct way how a theoretical scientific discussion is led.

If you do not respond to this suggestion, I think it is appropriate to delete your inaccurate comments on me and the new theory of the Universal Law and apologize for not being able to understand the new theory of the Universal Law and for writing false comments. I leave the discussion about the planetary ascension out of this suggestion as you obviously have no clue about it and do not participate in it as you are not at all evolved in the LBP and have no connection to your soul.

With love and light

Clearly, he does not understand the difference between a dispute and a dialogue. I am only open to the latter.

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