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Michael Tellinger

Michael Tellinger violated the main principle of Ubuntu numerous times. This principle is “If it is not good for everyone, it is not good at all”. His so-called “Ubuntu Village” is just a restaurant and a bar in the South-African town of Waterval Boven. He does not own a Non Profit Organization. All the money he gets through sponsoring ends up in his own pocket. In return, he has done nothing for the people of Waterval Boven.

His claim on the age of the Johan Heine Stone Calendar is absurd and completely fictitious. In reality, this stone circle was created in 3100 BCE. His claim that he discovered this stone circle is also false, and since he stole artifacts from this place for his own museum, he is no longer allowed to visit this ancient site.

He took a lot of material for his books from other people without even mentioning or paying them. Anyone who asks him specific questions about his books therefore always gets the standard answer “Read my books”, since he does not know the answer himself. His website is

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