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Sacha Stone

Sacha Adams-Stone, an Englishman born in Rhodesia, likes to see himself as a New Age guru. In reality, he is working for the Jesuits. He also has a malfunctioning short-term memory, which is probably a side effect of mind-controlling him. All his projects, like New Earth Nation, the Humanitad Foundation, and the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ), are contributing to the very opposite of what is proclaimed, as these projects are in reality all about the further enslavement of humanity. His websites are, New Earth, and For more information on this, watch a CCN broadcast about this con artist Sacha Stone.

On 2019 March 23, he uploaded to YouTube his professionally-made documentary on the (possible) 5G Health Effects. Is this fear mongering?

UPDATE: One internet source states that his real name is Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams, and that he was born 1966.

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