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Practical, Spiritual Precepts

The following 83 practical precepts have been formulated by Spiritual Master Teacher G.I. Gurdjieff (1872 Ė 1949). As with almost everything he left behind, this too has taken on a life of its own, and various variants are now circulating.

  1. Fix your attention on yourself; be aware in every moment of what you think, feel, want and do.
  2. Always finish what you started.
  3. Do what you are doing the best you can.
  4. Donít be chained to anything that will destroy you in the long run.
  5. Develop your generosity without witnesses.
  6. Treat each person as if they were a close relative.
  7. Tidy up what youíve messed up.
  8. Learn to receive; give thanks for every gift.
  9. Stop calling yourself.
  10. Donít lie and donít steal; if you do, you lie and steal from yourself.
  11. Help others without making them dependent on you.
  12. Donít want to be imitated.
  13. Draw up work plans and carry them out.
  14. Donít take up too much space.
  15. Do not make noise or gestures that are not necessary.
  16. If you have no faith, do as if you did.
  17. Donít be impressed by strong personalities.
  18. Donít take over anything or anyone.
  19. Distribute equally.
  20. Donít seduce.
  21. Eat and sleep the bare minimum.
  22. Donít talk about your personal problems.
  23. Donít make judgments or criticisms when you know only a fraction of the facts.
  24. Donít make unnecessary friendships.
  25. Donít follow trends.
  26. Donít sell yourself.
  27. Respect the contracts you have signed.
  28. Be on time.
  29. Do not envy othersí possessions or successes.
  30. Speak the bare minimum.
  31. Donít think about the benefits your work will bring you.
  32. Never threaten.
  33. Keep your promises.
  34. In an argument, put yourself in the other personís shoes.
  35. Agree to be overtaken by someone.
  36. Donít eliminate; transform.
  37. Overcome your fears; behind each of them there is a desire.
  38. Help the other to help themselves.
  39. Overcome your dislikes and get closer to the people you would like to push away.
  40. Donít act as a reaction to what they say about you, for better or for worse.
  41. Turn your pride into dignity.
  42. Turn your anger into creativity.
  43. Turn your greed into respect for beauty.
  44. Turn your envy into admiration for the qualities of the other.
  45. Turn your hate into charity.
  46. Do not praise yourself and do not insult yourself.
  47. Treat what doesnít belong to you as if it belongs to you.
  48. Donít complain.
  49. Develop your imagination.
  50. Donít give orders just for the sake of being obeyed.
  51. Pay for the services you are given.
  52. Do not advertise your works or ideas.
  53. Do not try to arouse in others emotions towards you such as pity, admiration, sympathy, complicity.
  54. Donít try to stand out for your outward appearance.
  55. Never contradict; shut up.
  56. Donít get into debt; buy and pay immediately.
  57. If you offend someone, apologize.
  58. If you have offended publicly, apologize in public.
  59. If you find that you have said something wrong, do not insist out of pride in your mistake, and immediately give up on your intentions.
  60. Do not defend your oldest ideas for the simple fact that you were the one who stated them.
  61. Do not store unnecessary items.
  62. Donít make yourself beautiful about other peopleís ideas.
  63. Donít get photographed near famous people.
  64. Donít be accountable to anyone; be your own judge.
  65. Donít define yourself by what you own.
  66. Never talk about yourself without giving yourself a chance to change.
  67. Accept that nothing is yours.
  68. When they ask you for your opinion about something or someone, just say their qualities.
  69. When you get sick, instead of hating evil, consider it to be your teacher.
  70. Donít look secretly; look straight in the eye.
  71. Donít forget your dead, but give them a limited place so they donít invade your whole life.
  72. In the place where you live, always dedicate a space to the sacred.
  73. When rendering a service, donít overdo your efforts.
  74. If you decide to work for others, do it with pleasure.
  75. If you are in doubt between doing and not doing, take the risk and do.
  76. Donít try to be everything to your partner; accept that you seek in someone else what you cannot offer them.
  77. When someone has their audience, donít rush to contradict them by stealing the attention of those present.
  78. Live off the money you have earned yourself.
  79. Donít brag about your love affairs.
  80. Donít flaunt your weaknesses.
  81. Never visit someone just to pass the time.
  82. Get to redistribute.
  83. If you are meditating and a devil comes, make him meditate with you.

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These 83 practical precepts are also available in Dutch.

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