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Pateo Radio, Ep. 32

Pateo Radio

Marty Leeds on Pi

Marty Leeds

The special guest for the live broadcast on November 5, 2012 of Pateo Radio was Marty Leeds (1979). His website is Marty Leeds He lives in the state of Wisconsin, USA, and he is fascinated by the transcendental number of Pi, the mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. He is author of the books ‘Pi – The Great Work’ and ‘Pi & The English Alphabet, Vol. 1’. This second book is also about Freemasonry, alchemy, and gematria. In this episode of the Pateo Radio talk show, Marty and host Johan Oldenkamp, who read both books, mostly talked about this second book. Both Marty and Johan were at that time teachers at the School of the Holy Science. This online school was an independent and non profit on-line resource for those seeking information about who we really are.

This is what he writes about himself:

Marty Leeds believes that mathematics is a universal language and is the key to understanding everything in our world, past and present. In his books, he presents readers with short, concise and straightforward explanations of esoteric, alchemical, and Freemasonic concepts. Synthesizing symbolism, language, numerology, mathematics, astronomy and astrology, these books take readers through the pages of history, and into the depths of our very own souls to help us understand the mathematical, geometrical, and magical nature of our reality. Through both his books and web series, he leaves no stone unturned. Are you interested in the Philosopher’s Stone? The Holy Grail? The Great Pyramids of Giza? The Perennial Philosophy? The construction of our Solar System using simple geometry? If you are a curious person at all, Marty Leeds has much to offer. Prepare to look at your world in a completely new way.

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