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Pateo Radio, Ep. 81

Pateo Radio

Gene Odening on The Seven Liberating Arts

The special guest for this live broadcast on 21 May 2014 of Pateo Radio was Robert Eugene Odening (1954), commonly named Gene. Gene is a well-known disseminator of the Trivium, which is the trinity of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. Mastering these three basic arts enable us to get basic understanding of reality. On top of that, there is the Quadrivium of Arithmetic, Geometry, Harmonics, and Cosmology. Mastering these four advanced arts enable us to get advanced understanding of reality. The Trivium and the Quadrivium together form The Seven Liberating Arts. They were practiced in Ancient Greece, and later, during the Renaissance, they were re-discovered. In this episode of the Pateo Radio talk show, Gene and host Johan Oldenkamp talked in-depth about these seven liberating Arts.

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