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Pateo Radio, Ep. 103

Pateo Radio

India Merkerson on ExpandingU

India Merkerson a.k.a. India Irie Sanatana Dharma

The special guest for this live broadcast on 4 February 2015 of Pateo Radio was India Merkerson (1969), who renamed herself as India Irie Sanatana Dharma. She is founder of ExpandingU. ExpandingU is an ecovillage vision and multimedia network for conscious living, learning, teaching, and healing with global template emphasis. ExpandingU is a community platform for alternative lifestyle projects, science, technology, relationships, health and healing (holistically), and much more. India is a holistic life coach, who has the ability to connect heart space to heart space in order to provide support and counsel to assist in making sense of life and its lessons. In this episode of the Pateo Radio talk show, India and host Johan Oldenkamp talked about both individual and collective healing. In those days, India and Johan both hosted a television show at the 24/7 livestream television station of CCN.

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