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Pateo Radio, Ep. 149

Pateo Radio

Kim Kamala Ekman & Ole Dammegård

Kim Kamala Ekman Ole Dammegård

The special guest for the first part of this live broadcast on 23 March 2016 of Pateo Radio was Kim Kamala Ekman (1967). She was born in Sweden. Since 2000, she and her three children live on the Spanish island of Mallorca. At the end of 2015, her book was published, titled “So What Can I Do?: Answers from inspired researchers about the world today”, available via the website of Awake and Unite. The cover of this paperback stated it to be “Volume 1”, which probably means that more inspired researchers will appear in upcoming volumes. In this episode of the Pateo Radio talk show, Kim and host Johan Oldenkamp talked about the process of creating this book.

The special guest for the second part of this live broadcast of Pateo Radio was Kim’s partner. In the past, he already guested three times at Pateo Radio: in the episodes 92, 109, and 121. His name is Ole Dammegård (1958), and his website is Light on In these previous volumes of Pateo Radio, Ole and host Johan already discussed several false flag operations. In this episode of Pateo Radio, both open minded researchers mostly discussed the shocking events in Brussels that happened the day before this live broadcast.

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