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Pateo TV

Pateo TV, Ep. 19

More and more people become aware that the news of the mainstream media is nothing but propaganda filled with biased reporting, and in more and more cases even with outright lies. However, these same “awakened” people next uncritically swallow all of the nonsense of the alternative news media. How is that possible?

In this live broadcast of Pateo TV, host Johan Oldenkamp scientifically debunked once and for all the outright nonsense of the current top four disinformation subjects of the alternative media: the Flat Earth Religion, the Hollow Earth Theory, the Outer Earth Fantasies on UFO’s and ET’s, and all New Earth Delusions. It is about time that the alternative communities start to develop sufficient discernment between the truth and all sorts of falsehoods. The aim of this episode of Pateo TV is to foster that discernment in each of us.

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