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The Staged Disaster

Pateo TV

Pateo TV, Ep. 30

Hopefully you have already discovered that NASA is lying big time. That is why truth seekers consider the name “NASA” to be the abbreviation of “Never A Straight Answer”. Some even go further by stating that it also means “Neither Any Space Adventure”. In this 30th episode of Pateo TV, Johan Oldenkamp shows some of the biggest lies of NASA, as no manned mission of this deceitful organization has ever went into space. Therefore, also “space shuttle” is a fraudulent name, as none of these aeroplanes (or aeroships) ever left the atmosphere around our home planet.

On January 28, 1986, the aero-shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after take off. Allegedly all seven crew members died. However, the German researchers of (German for: Wailing discovered that probably six of these dead aeronouts are still alive, 30 years after their staged deaths. Also this is explained in this episode of Pateo TV, together with the other staged disaster with an NASA aero-shuttle in 2003:

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