The 7 Virtues of a Warrior

1 正 義 seigi Rectitude morally correct thinking and behavior (taking the right decisions)
2 勇 気 yuki Courage ability to do something in the face of fear (being brave)
3 jin Benevolence a disposition to be kind and to do good (having compassion to all)
4 礼 儀 reigi Respect intentional consideration and courtesy towards others (showing right action)
5 makoto Integrity honesty in character and action (being truthful and utterly sincere)
6 名 誉 meiyo Honor hold yourself to a high ethical standard (pursuing glory)
7 忠 義 chugi Loyalty faithfulness in relationships and alliance (maintaining devotion)

The 5 Keys to Health

  1. Rational Nutrition
  2. Sensible Exercise
  3. Efficient Rest
  4. Proper Hygiene
  5. Positive Attitude

The 3 States of Mind

  1. Zanshin : awareness, alertness, and readiness
  2. Mushin : mind without mind
  3. Fudoshin : state of emotional balance


Arts of Budo practiced by Johan Oldenkamp

This introductory webpage on Budo is also available in Dutch.

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