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We are on the eve of an unprecedented major change within the financial system. For many years, we are hearing these kinds of statements, and that is why many assume it to be just a mild transition, also because up to now no big shocking events occurred, except a few bankrupted banks.

However, to get a good picture of what awaits us, let us see what we can learn from history. Although results from the past offer no guarantee for the future, the visible trend can certainly serve as a good indicator.

History of World Trade Currencies

When it comes to the world trade currency, the trend from the year 1450 is that after an average of 95 years it will be replaced by the next, with a variation of maximum 15 years (plus or minus). More and more experts foretell the ending of the USA Dollar as the current global trading currency, but one glance at the above figure should actually be enough to fully realize this.

But what will replace it? That question is also not very difficult to answer. It will not again be a currency that can be manipulated by the big banks. The era of the so-called fiat currencies is therefore coming to an end. Once you know the truth about this debt-based money system, you can no longer be fooled by this scam.

The current fiat money with the USA Dollar as a global trading currency is based on the model of centralized authority. That model is no longer tenable, and will therefore be replaced, while this replacement is not limited to the financial world alone. In all aspects of our society, the model of centralized authority will be substituted by the model of distributed autonomy (as explained in an online presentation about solving all our problems). For our financial system, this means that Bitcoin will become the new global trading currency, most likely starting next year. In addition, there will be various other crypto coins, but Bitcoin will become the new global standard.

Bitcoin mainly has major benefits. To begin with, there is not one organization behind it that sooner or later becomes corrupted, as has happened with all fiat money banks, for example. Furthermore, every transaction is recorded in the non-corruptible information chain (called the Blockchain). Fraud with Bitcoin is therefore virtually impossible, because this chain is always distributed, and every time compared to the previous version. Paying with Bitcoin is also much cheaper and faster, especially when the transaction crosses continental borders. The only disadvantage is that you have to protect your digital wallet very well against crypto thieves, because you can never undo payments made, even when you can prove that you did not perform those transactions yourself.

It is expected that next year (in 2020) the Bitcoin will rise greatly in value compared to the fiat currencies such as the USA Dollar and the Euro. Ultimately, the fiat currencies will implode as a result of increasing inflation. If by that time your income still consists solely of Dollars or Euros, then this mega inflation will hurt you a lot. Therefore, if you want to prevent that pain, then you need to take action right now, before it is too late.

This required action starts with contacting me. We then make an appointment for a free telephone consultation. In that consult, I will explain how you remarkably simple can become an entrepreneur or an investor, as explained in the ESBI model of earning money.

Do not wait too long to contact me. The sooner you gain experience with this change, the smoother this transition will be for you. Moreover, pioneering is a lot more fun than following. Are you ready to participate?

This article on the upcoming financial changes, written on Tuesday, September 17th, 2019, by Johan Oldenkamp, is also available in Dutch.


Dr. Johan Oldenkamp holds a PhD in Business Administration and was previously a professor in Entrepreneurship, among others subject areas. In 2012, he also participated as a party leader of a pioneering movement in the Dutch parliamentary elections. Of all the current alternative news websites in Dutch, his multilingual website has been the longest.

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