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Galactic Day Astrology

The Wholly Science Guide To The Mayan Tzolkin

Pateo, 2nd Digital Edition (2018/05/30), 1st Digital Edition (2017/01/13), ISBN 978-94-90765-23-1, 21 pages

Galactic Day Astrology is based on the oldest Mayan calendar, named the Tzolkin (or Tzolk’in). The Mayan word tzol means ‘counting’, and a kin (or k’in) equals the 24-hour period of a natural day, starting at sunrise and ending at the subsequent sunrise. Each following natural day corresponds to both the next Glyph (or Seal) and the next Tone. In total, the Tzolkin counts 260 different natural-day combinations of 20 Glyphs with 13 Tones. In his thirteenth book originally written in English, all-round scientist Johan Oldenkamp explains the logic of Galactic Day Astrology.

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This book is also available in Dutch.

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